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Philippines: New Initiative from Anti-Smoking Activists

In Philippines activists are worried that people who buy cigarettes by stick do not see anti-smoking warnings as they are placed on packs and they do not buy packs. A group of anti-smoking activists asked...
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Ukraine: Total Tobacco Advertising Ban is Needed

In the Ukraine the Smoke Free Project urges government to totally ban all cigarette pack displays from points of sales. The idea resulted from monitoring project performed by the Regional Advocacy Center...
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Smoking Woman

Smoking Rates Dropped in the UK Since 1940s

Since 1940s smoking rates in the UK have significantly dropped and are now at the lowest level. Data shows that smoking rates declined among over-18s from 19.8% in 2012 to 18.7% in 2013.  In England...
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Thailand: High Smoking Rates Among Taxi Drivers

  A study by human rights association in Thailand revealed that almost 90 percent of people with low-income have low quality of life, show tendency to smoke cigaretets and have debts. According to...
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Dunhill Cigarettes

Korea to Increase Cigarette Prices by 80%

In 2015 smokers in South Korea will have to pay two times more for a pack of cigarettes which costs today 2,500 won on average. The government told that it wants to increase cigarette prices by 80% by...
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Nigeria Moves Forward Tobacco Control

Last week, on Wednesday, Senate in Nigeria passed the first reading of a bill to control tobacco use in the country. The bill is entitled ”An act to provide for the regulation and control of production,...
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Is Anti-Tobacco Law Observed in Russia?

A report presented by Consumers International shows that most restaurants and cafes in Russia do comply with the new anti-smoking law adopted in summer. Consumers International is an international organization...
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Tobacco Use Declines in Peru

Euromonitor International, private market intelligence company based in London, published a new report, which reveals that in 2013 volume sales of cigarettes in Peru were reduced. The report has totally...
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Chinese Man

Beijing to Extend Smoking Ban

While most China cities do dispute about smoking bans, the government of China’s capital, Beijing, wants to extend existing smoking ban to indoor places. These days China is the world’s largest...
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Korean Smoker

South Korea to Reduce Smoking Rates

South Korea wants to increase prices on cigarettes. The last increase took place around ten years ago. Last week the Koean Government told about its intention to fight smoking in the country. For that...
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