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Smoke-Free McDonald’s in Japan

In Japan famous fast-food brand McDonald’s step by step becomes a healthy restaurant by introducing healthy food such as tofu nuggets. Its newest step towards healthy environment is banning smoking...
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Plain Cigarettes Packs

Plain Cigarettes Packs in the EU?

When James Reilly held the post of EU Health Minister, he proposed to introduce plain packaging for cigarttes. Reilly came with the proposal during his final weeks in the Department of Health and sent...
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Australia: Victoria to Ban Smoking in Restaurants

The authorities in Victoria, Australia, decided to prohibit smoking cheapest cigarettes in all outdoor hospitality and dining zones across the state. Moreover, they want to ban smoking at  outside entrances...
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Smoking in China

China Produces More Cigarettes

In China, State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA) this week released data which shows that in the first half of 2014 cigarette makers in the country produced more cheapest cigarettes in spite of...
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Smoking and Drinking Rates Dropped Among Youth in the UK

Latest research by Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) in the UK suggests that over the past 10 years youth rates of drinking, smoking and drug use have significantly dropped. In the present...
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Smoking Woman

Czech Republic to Regulate Tobacco Use in the Country

In the European Union the only country that allows smoking in restaurants is the Czech Republic. However, in the nearest future the things will change as the country is going to adopt a new anti-smoking...
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Smoking Man

Nigeria: No Plan To Ban Tobacco Smoking

Last week the Nigerian House of Representatives told that it had no plans to prohibit tobacco smoking in the country. However, they are looking for ways to regulate the production and marketing the tobacco...
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Indonesian Smoker

Indonesia: Graphic Warnings on Packs are Ineffective

According to Indonesian Consumer Foundation (YLKI), graphic warnings which demonstrate health effects of tobacco use on cigarette packs do not help to reduce smoking rates in Indonesia.  This information...
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Russia Gathered More Than $500K in Fines From Smokers

Federal Consumer Protection Service reported that since January 2014, Russia gathered more than half a million dollars from fines imposed on those who violate the anti-smoking laws. It was estimated that...
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Pregnant Woman

UK: Pregnant Women To Have Smoking Test

In the UK all pregnant women will be screened for smoking. Pregnant females who use services of Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust will have the possibility to make a carbon monoxide testing. The major goal of...
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