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Smoking in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong Sceptical about Large Warnings

Hong Kong launched a signature campaign to seek support for tougher tobacco control measures. The society showed mixed attitude towards the initiative. The Food and Health Bureau  talks about the necessity...
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Smoking Woman

Slovenija Working Over New Tobacco Control Plan

Milojka Kolar Celarc, the Minister of Health in Slovenija, during the celebration of World No Tobacco Day on May 31 told that the country should create a clear tobacco-free plan for next years. Doctors...
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Tobacco Smoke

Singapore to Ban Alternative Tobacco Products

Singapore is to prohibit alternative tobacco products including smokeless tobacco and any new product of this category. The change comes into effect from December 2015. Starting from August 2016, the...
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Air China

Air China Staff Smoked in Cockpit?

It is supposed that plane staff from Air China smoked cigarettes on the board, because a number of passengers complained on tobacco smoke they felt on the plane and it was coming from the cockpit. Four...
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China Smoker

Ten Days of Smoking Ban in Beijing

On June 1, China launced new tougher tobacco control policies in Beijing. The new policy is in effect more than one week and how does it work? Today use of tobacco is not allowed in all indoor public...
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Smoking Blond Woman

Moldova Finally Adopted Smoke-Free Legislation

On May 31, the world celebrated No Tobacco Day. In Moldova this day there was organized a press conference during which Svetlana Cotelea, the Deputy Minister of Health, revealed that in the country 25%...
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Asian Smoker

India: Kanpur City Becomes Smoke-Free

On May 31, when the world was celebrating No Tobacco Day, officials in Indian city of Kanpur told that starting from this day the city becomes smoke-free. Dr. RP Yadav, Kanpur’s chief medical officer,...
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Smoking in Singapore

Singapore Plans to Create Designated Areas for Smokers

National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore wants to make the city totally smoke-free but to allow use of cigarettes in special designated zones. Thus smokers will not be discrimintaed. The plan is...
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Smoker in Indonesia

Indonesia Launched Anti-Smoking Campaign

The Health Ministry of Indonesia in cooperation with World Lung Foundation have officially launched a new public service announcement video on hazards of secondhand smoke exposure. The campaign comes...
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Smoking Chinese Woman

Beijing Prepares for Smoke-Free Law Enforcement

Beijing, the capital of China, is preparing for implementation of most severe smoke-free law in its history despite unresolved conflict of interests. Many people are quite sceptical about its successful...
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