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Cigarette Packs in Namibia

Namibia Introduces Pictorial Warnings on Packs

Government in Namibia introduces a new anti-smoking measure which says that cigarette packs should have a large graphic image depicting negative smoking effects. It is expected that such images would...
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Vietnamese Woman

Hanoi to Create Smoke-Free Tourist Sites

The government of Vietnam demands from competent bodies in Hanoi to develop plan for creating smoke-free environments, which would include tourist workplaces and sites in order to protect people from...
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Milos Zeman

President Zeman Would Not Veto Anti-Smoking Bill

Milos Zeman, the President of Czech Republic, told during his visit to the Plzen Region that he would not put veto on the proposed expanding of no-smoking law which prohibits total use of tobacco in all...
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Plain Cigarettes packs

New Zealand Considering Plain Packaging Law

Anti-smoking activists in New Zealand want the Government to accelerate implementation of plain cigarette packaging law. First country that introduced standard packs for cigarettes is Australia. Then...
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Philippines Smoker

Activists in Philippines Push Tighter Tobacco Control

Health Justice Philippines and Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance reveals data that each hour ten people in Philippines die from a smoking-realted disease. Dr. Mary Assunta  claims that the numbers...
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Russian Smoker

Smoking Rate in Russia Has Fallen by 17%

Health Ministry of Russia reported on Monday that number of smokers in the country  dropped by 17 percent since there were introduced new anti-smoking laws. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed anti-smoking...
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Black Man Smoking

Egypt to Increase Taxes on Cigarettes

Officials in Egypt told yeatserday that due to budget deficit, the country plans to increase taxes on cigarettes both imported and manufactured locally. The officials told that the proposal raises a flat...
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Singapore Teens

Singapore Fights Smoking in Schools

Seems like in Singapore things with youth smoking become worse as more schools start using special detection devices to prevent students from smoking cigarettes. Legal age to start smoking in the country...
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Smoking Old Man

Malaysia: Teachers-Parents Collabotation Will Fight Smoking

In order to influence young people to not pick up smoking habit, it is necessary to create an environment where school authorities could collaborate with student’s parents. Dr Ismail Ali, head of ...
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Woman Selling Cigarettes

Indonesia on Its Way to Reduce Smoking Rates

In Indonesia activists launced a petition calling country’s President Joko Widodo to ratify the UN’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), which was adopted some time ago and aims to...
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