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Chinese Man

Beijing to Extend Smoking Ban

While most China cities do dispute about smoking bans, the government of China’s capital, Beijing, wants to extend existing smoking ban to indoor places. These days China is the world’s largest...
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Korean Smoker

South Korea to Reduce Smoking Rates

South Korea wants to increase prices on cigarettes. The last increase took place around ten years ago. Last week the Koean Government told about its intention to fight smoking in the country. For that...
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UK Launches Stoptober 2014

English comedians Paddy McGuinness and Al Murray were invited to particiapte in anti-smoking campaign called Stoptober 2014 to encourage smokers to quit. The campaign starts from October 1 and will last...
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India: 12% of Teens in Uttarakhand State Use Tobacco

A study found that around 12% of teens across Uttarakhand state in India do use tobacco products. On Friday, September 5, Uttarakhand Youth Tobacco Survey released a report on using tobacco among young...
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Smoking Woman

South Korea: Cigarettes Price Increase is Needed

Health minister in South Korea told this week that it is necessary to increase cigarettes prices two times during next six years in order to reduce smoking rates in the country. He says that smoking rate...
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Marlboro Ads in China

Cigarettes Ads to be Totally Banned in China

During the latest discussion of Advertisement Law bill, anti-smoking activists in China called for a total ban on tobacco ads. Representatives of the Standing Committee of the National People’s...
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Smoker in Pakistan

Anti-Smoking Campaign in Pakistan

Mujtaba Shuja, Minister for Excise and Taxation and Finance in Pakistan urges doctors to create and introduce a large awarness campaign in order to inform people about the negative effects of smoking...
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Smoking People

Jamaica to Realize Its Tobacco Control Obligations

Fenton Ferguson, Health Minister of Jamaica, told recently that he will not refuse from his obligations to implement the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).  Jamaica signed the FCTC in 2003...
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Smoke-Free McDonald’s in Japan

In Japan famous fast-food brand McDonald’s step by step becomes a healthy restaurant by introducing healthy food such as tofu nuggets. Its newest step towards healthy environment is banning smoking...
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Plain Cigarettes Packs

Plain Cigarettes Packs in the EU?

When James Reilly held the post of EU Health Minister, he proposed to introduce plain packaging for cigarttes. Reilly came with the proposal during his final weeks in the Department of Health and sent...
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