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Smoker in Indonesia

Indonesia Launched Anti-Smoking Campaign

The Health Ministry of Indonesia in cooperation with World Lung Foundation have officially launched a new public service announcement video on hazards of secondhand smoke exposure. The campaign comes...
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Smoking Chinese Woman

Beijing Prepares for Smoke-Free Law Enforcement

Beijing, the capital of China, is preparing for implementation of most severe smoke-free law in its history despite unresolved conflict of interests. Many people are quite sceptical about its successful...
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No Smoking

Yolo County to Celebrate World No Tobacco Day

Annually on May 31, people around the world do celebrate World No Tobacco Day. The aim of this holiday is to remind people about health risks associated with smoking and to demand from authorities to...
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Chinese Woman

China Raised Tobacco Tax To 11%

China is world’s leader in number of smokers with its 300 million people who use cigarettes on a regular basis. In order to reduce this number, the country raised two times tobacco tax. Previoulsy...
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Asian Smoker

Tobacco Control Law Modified in Bangladesh

Ten years ago, in 2005, Bangladesh adopted Tobacco Control Law which came into action in 2006. With raising awarness about negative effects of smoking and promoting of smoke-free lifesyle by different...
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Asian Woman Smoking

In Malaysia 38% Males are Smokers

Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health in Malaysia said that today in the country there are 38% of male and 1.4% female smokers. The smoking habit kills around 20,000 Malaysian people annually...
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Russian Woman Smoking

Smoking in Russia

When it comes to smoking, Russia is the second world’s leader in tobacco consumption after China. Russia is largest tobacco market with 25% smoking women and 60% smoking men. In order to reduce...
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Quit Smoking

UK: Smokers Use Free Cessation Program to Quit

Smoking people in Hove and Brighton have the possibility to quit their habit by enrolling into special free program called  Smoke Free Me. It was developed by professional psychologists and the major...
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Plain Cigarette Pack

France to Introduce Plain Cigarettes Packs

In an attempt to fight cancer, France wants to put more efforts on fighting smoking among youth by introduction of plain packs for cigarettes and increasing taxes on tobacco. In the country for a long...
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Smoking in Car

Nevada: Smoking Banned in Cars with Kids

A coalition consisting of heath organizations showed last week their support for a law which bans use of cigarettes in cars where kids are present. The proposed bill bears the name AB322. According to ...
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