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Russian Woman Smoking

Smoking in Russia

When it comes to smoking, Russia is the second world’s leader in tobacco consumption after China. Russia is largest tobacco market with 25% smoking women and 60% smoking men. In order to reduce...
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Quit Smoking

UK: Smokers Use Free Cessation Program to Quit

Smoking people in Hove and Brighton have the possibility to quit their habit by enrolling into special free program called  Smoke Free Me. It was developed by professional psychologists and the major...
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Plain Cigarette Pack

France to Introduce Plain Cigarettes Packs

In an attempt to fight cancer, France wants to put more efforts on fighting smoking among youth by introduction of plain packs for cigarettes and increasing taxes on tobacco. In the country for a long...
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Smoking in Car

Nevada: Smoking Banned in Cars with Kids

A coalition consisting of heath organizations showed last week their support for a law which bans use of cigarettes in cars where kids are present. The proposed bill bears the name AB322. According to ...
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Cigarette Packs in Namibia

Namibia Introduces Pictorial Warnings on Packs

Government in Namibia introduces a new anti-smoking measure which says that cigarette packs should have a large graphic image depicting negative smoking effects. It is expected that such images would...
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Vietnamese Woman

Hanoi to Create Smoke-Free Tourist Sites

The government of Vietnam demands from competent bodies in Hanoi to develop plan for creating smoke-free environments, which would include tourist workplaces and sites in order to protect people from...
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Milos Zeman

President Zeman Would Not Veto Anti-Smoking Bill

Milos Zeman, the President of Czech Republic, told during his visit to the Plzen Region that he would not put veto on the proposed expanding of no-smoking law which prohibits total use of tobacco in all...
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Plain Cigarettes packs

New Zealand Considering Plain Packaging Law

Anti-smoking activists in New Zealand want the Government to accelerate implementation of plain cigarette packaging law. First country that introduced standard packs for cigarettes is Australia. Then...
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Philippines Smoker

Activists in Philippines Push Tighter Tobacco Control

Health Justice Philippines and Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance reveals data that each hour ten people in Philippines die from a smoking-realted disease. Dr. Mary Assunta  claims that the numbers...
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Russian Smoker

Smoking Rate in Russia Has Fallen by 17%

Health Ministry of Russia reported on Monday that number of smokers in the country  dropped by 17 percent since there were introduced new anti-smoking laws. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed anti-smoking...
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