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Zimbabwe: Reforestation Programme for Tobacco Farmers

The reforestation programme is meant to fight huge deforestation in Zimbabwe caused by the increased number of small tobacco farms.  The tobacco growers are expected to contribute an amount equivalent...
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Switzerland Apartment

Swiss Homes Where Perfume and Smoking are Banned

Is there any place in the world where there is no tobacco smoke, sweet smell of perfume and cell pnones? Yeah, you may find it in Switzerland! On the peripheries of Zurich is found a 15-unit apartment...
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Philippines to Introduce Graphic Health Warnings on Packs

In Philippines, House of Representatives proposed a law which will obligate tobacco products to have a picture-based warnings on its packages. The measure is expected to discourage people from smoking. The...
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Cigarette Pack

Tobacco Companies in the UK Against Plain Packs

Tobacco companies in the UK want to attack report about health benefits of cigarettes plain packaging. The report is written by chief  paediatrician Cyril Chantler and is going to be published this week....
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USA: Smoking Ban Affects Positively Businesses

Those who support smoking ban say that it anyhow will have a financial impact on businesses. However, different studies show different results. Michelle and Steve Margulies, the owners of Pappy’s Grill...
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Scotland: Campaign to Encourage People not to Smoke Near Kids

Individuals smoking near kids are main target of public health campaign to create a tobacco-free generation.  Scottish Government says that it was estimated that in the UK secondhand smoke causes annually...
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Smoking Woman

China: More Women Smoking in Shanghai

It was announced on the health conference that the number of smoking women in Shanghai has increased significantly in recent years. Shanghai International Lung Cancer Forum reported that only 3.7% of...
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Syracuse Council to Ban Smoking in the Downtown

Council members of Syracuse city, New York, want to establish smoke-free zones on several blocks of downtown. There was introduced no law banning outdoor smoking, therefore Councilors Bob Dougherty and...
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Tobacco Growing

Philippines: Tobacco Production Increased by 11.8% in 2013

In Philippines production of tobacco increased by 11.8% to 53,750 metric tons in 2013 as prices rose and financing for farmers increased.  According to Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), 52.5%...
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Smoking Ban

Canada: Smoking Ban in Effect in Niagara

Cities and towns in Niagara voted to ban smoking in a parkы and playgrounds.  Smokers would need to stay nine metres away from these areas otherwise they will pay a fine that is $250. Bus shelters are...
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