Plain Pack

Graphic warnings violate First Amendment

On August 24 the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit established extraconstitutional a law by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that would have obliged tobacco companies to put 9 graphic...
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Woman Smoking

Why People Smoke?

According to the latest statistics, the majority of people take up cigarettes when they are in their teens and by reaching adulthood they are already addicted to nicotine. Surely, sometimes everybody wanted...
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Winston cigs

Japan Tobacco says facing EU probe over Syria

Japan Tobacco, a tobacco giant that is the owner of famous cigarette brands: Winston and Camel, said on August 22 that it was being investigated by the European Union after it was reported that the company...
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Cigarette Smoking

Global Tobacco Consumption Remains High

As pro-tobacco forces frequently do not take account of less well-funded tobacco-control programs, worldwide tobacco consumption is still high, especially in low- and middle-earnings countries, according...
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Fears of cigarette price war

Since plain pack tobacco legislation was enacted by the government, there appeared another issue defining the measure would strengthen price competition and eventuate in cheaper cigarettes. On August 15...
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ITC Logo

ITC cigarette sales fall, shares drop

ITC Ltd, an Indian public conglomerate company that delivers four out of every five cigarettes sold in India, faced a new blow after quarterly tobacco product sales suddenly decreased, forcing its shares...
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Small Cigars

Tobacco companies profit from market small cigars

Recently public health officials declared that new trend appeared among smoking people: smokers switch from expensive cigarettes to low-priced small cigars. Cigarette consumption reduced 33 percent from...
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Marlboro Gold

Altria Group Inc. Earnings

Altria Group Inc. is the owner of the largest U.S. cigarette maker Philip Morris USA. Recently the tobacco company had to demonstrate in the second-quarter financial results that its popular Marlboro brand...
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Many Cigarettes

Cigarette makers see profits go up in smoke on higher costs

Indonesia’s openly listed tobacco companies are fighting to gain earnings despite public health programs and pressure from raised production expenditures on their bottom lines. The Indonesian Stock Exchange...
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Smoking Ban

Smoking ban aimed to reduce teen smoking

The Ministry of Interior has required provincial governors to introduce a smoking ban in government buildings and other public places. The smoking ban is intended to reduce smoking among rising generation...
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