Tobacco Products

Sale of cigarettes banned in Goa

Goa will be the first state in the country to ban the use of tobacco products along with its sale and storage when the ban becomes operational from October. This decision has come following the land markjudgement...
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BAT Logo

Cigarette producer: British American Tobacco

Famous cigarette producer that is known all over the world is, certainly, British American Tobacco. The company has one of the greatest shares of tobacco manufacturing in the world. “Born Internationally”...
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Filtered Cigarette

Shapes and sizes of cigarettes

Cigarettes are available in three standard sizes – regular, slims (though sometimes lightly thinner than usual), and superslims. The English word ‘slim’ firmly went into turn to describe slims...
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Vogue cigarettes

What are Light Cigarettes?

Light cigarettes are a tobacco product manufactured by cigarette makers that is sold as a safer cigarette. Light cigarettes and regular cigarettes differ not by tobacco each contains, which is identical,...
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Cigarette Smoking Man

English smokers being encourage to give up for 28 days

In conformity with a note on the website of the Department of Health’s Media Centre, smoking people in England have been encouraged to give up smoking for twenty eight days starting with October 1. The...
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Smoke Ring

Smoking Tricks and Tips

SNAP INHALE Snap smoke inhale The “Snap Inhale” is a quite difficult method of smoking and some time will be required to learn it. Such smoking trip should be started from a deep breathing from your...
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Smoking Brunette

Global tobacco use remains high

According to the findings of Global Adult Tobacco Survey, almost 50 percent of men in the entire world use tobacco in any form. However, the survey showed that only 11 percent of women consume tobacco. Woman...
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