Smoking in pregnancy

Most pregnant women who tried to stop smoking started again within 4 weeks

Statistics show the information is still not understood by women about the hazards of prenatal smoking. A total of 1270 women were directed to NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s Smokefree Pregnancy...
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A pack with 20 cigarettes

Menthol cigarettes could be banned by EU

Packs of ten cigarettes could be prohibited in accordance with a European suggestion to reduce smoking. The EU’s Health and Consumer Commissioner as well presented plans to prohibit menthol cigarettes...
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Imperial Tobacco's cigarette brands

Imperial Tobacco loses cigarette display battle

Cigarette displays will be prohibited in large stores from April, once the Scottish Government triumphed in a landmark ruling against Imperial Tobacco in the Supreme Court. Imperial Tobacco Brands Judges...
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Lighted Cigarette

Number of smokers in Japan increasing even after increased prices

A study conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare shows that the amount of smokers have raised in Japan regardless of the sudden boost in prices because of a tax rise enforced in October...
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Cigarette Smoke

New Jersey Ranks Last in Protecting Children from Tobacco

New Jersey is linked for last in the nation in financing services to avoid children from smoking and help smokers give up smoking, as outlined by a national survey launched by a coalition of public health...
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Tobacco Display

Teenagers may buy less cigarettes when displays are hidden

A new research carried out using a virtual reality game indicates teenagers may be less supposed to buy smokes at shops if cigarettes are not marketed in plain view behind the table.   Display of...
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Smoking Girl

Tax Increases Help Reduce Smoking Habits

In accordance with a new research, as cigarette taxes raise, heavier smokers are likely to reduce the amount of cigarettes smoked. Woman exhaling cigarette smoke Washington University School of Medicine...
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