Cigarettes Factory

Imperial Tobacco’s cigarette brands development

Imperial Tobacco is making Davidoff more reachable to a larger range of smokers in both new and current markets via the introduction of Davidoff iD, a new kingsize range offered in both standard and innovative...
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Davidoff iD Smoking

Davidoff Portfolio Management

Via portfolio management Imperial Tobacco applies its unique portfolio to increase its share of customers and use occasions to push quality growth. Basically, it’s total tobacco in action. The beginning...
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Cigarette Smoking Brunette

Cigarette companies targeting women with feminine packaging

Irish women are under pressure from cigarette companies who are targeting feminine cigarette packaging at young and old smokers. Half of poor, young women smoke cigarettes, and are bothered of smoking...
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Flavored Tobacco products

Sales of flavored tobacco products jump

Ann Marie Bossard, co-owner of the Anthracite Newstand in Wilkes-Barre, has found the sales of flavored tobacco products increase as the cost of cigarettes has jumped. Youth and women are the major customers. Flavored...
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Cigarette Lines

Cigarette warning labels to implement in Europe

Germans are currently informed that smoking is harmful to their health and to those near them. It was claimed that in the near future, pictures of smokers’ harmed anatomies will replace thousands...
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A pack of cigarettes

Tobacco’s Year in Review

2012 can be defined as the year in which only several states put into law higher cigarette taxes, many cities and counties took into account implementing local prohibitions on tobacco products, and the...
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