Putin Wants to Direct Part of Tobacco Taxes to Healthcare

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, asked the finance and health ministries to develop a scheme of directing a part of excises accumulated on tobacco products to the healthcare sector. The concept...
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areca nut

Some Asian Countries Want To Ban Smokeless Tobacco

Areca Nut A number of Asian countries such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Bangladesh and Nepal want to ban all forms of smokeless tobacco and they are demanding a respective law to be implemented. Smokeless...
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menthol cigarettes

Will FDA Ban Menthol Cigarettes?

The FDA will possibly ban menthol cigarettes saying they are more harmful to people than unflavored tobacco. FDA says menthol cigarettes are more addictive to longtime smokers and are more appealing to...
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New Anti-Smoking Laws In France To Be Implemented

France’s Health Minister Marisol Touraine said in an interview that in France that they plan to ban smoking in such public places as parks, beaches and near schools, In an interview which Touraine gave...
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tobacco use

Tobacco Use Among Homeless People

Though the number of smoking people in the USA has decreased, however, things remain the same among vulnerable and marginalized groups. Moreover, the numbers show that among them the use of tobacco is...
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Indian smoker

Dealing With Tobacco Advertising in India

Indian Government proposes more severe anti-tobacco measures to be implemented. In the country is acting an anti-tobacco law which bans direct and indirect advertisement of tobacco products. However,...
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Australians Say Law Spoils Tobacco Taste

More than seven months ago in Australia there was adopted a most severe anti-tobacco law in the world which imposes usage of packages with graphic images of smoking effects on the human body. Thus cigarette...
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