Smoking Woman

Has Plain Packaging Stopped Australians from Smoking?

In 2012 Australian government adopted a new policy that imposes tobacco companies to pack their cigarettes in boxes with health warnings and graphic images of smoking-related diseases, without any cigarettes...
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Smoking Ban

Afghanistan Banned Smoking in Public

At the beginning of the current year, on 6th January, Afghan parliament adopted a number of anti-smoking measures in order to reduce the widespread health hazard of smoking, and to prevent non-smokers...
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Menthol Cigarettes

Teens in Canada Support Ban on Flavoured Tobacco Products

A poll conducted in December in British Columbia showed a great youth support for ban on flavoured tobacco products. This fact made British Columbia, Yukon and the Canadian Cancer Society, demand for...
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Smoking in China

350 Million Smokers in China

In China there are almost 350 million smokers. When you are in Chinese bars and restaurants you will probably think that the number of smokers are higher. According to data released recently by the National...
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Plain Cigarettes Packs

Australia: Quitline Calls up by 78%

Since Australia introduced in 2012 plain packs for cigarettes, there were increased by 78% calls to the New South Wales Quitline. However, it is still unknown if less people are smoking because of it. David...
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Designated Smoking Areas in Nee Soon South

Singapore: Designated Smoking Areas in Nee Soon South

Nee Soon South is one of 6 designated smoking areas launched in the town on January 5 in order to make the town smoke-free. Looks like a perfect way to bring smokers together, isn’t it? In many...
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Tobacco Use

Tobacco Use Decline in Turkey

Smoking rate in Turkey has greatly reduced due to tobacco regulations and anti-smoking campaigns. According to the latest report on tobacco use across the world released by the WHO, in the past four years...
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