350 Million Smokers in China

Smoking in China

In China there are almost 350 million smokers. When you are in Chinese bars and restaurants you will probably think that the number of smokers are higher. According to data released recently by the National Health and Family Planning Commission, China is world’s largest consumer of tobacco and maker of cigarettes . Third of world’s smokers do live in China. The country was planning to ban smoking in public places by year’s end.

In recent years Communist Party of China recognized the necessity of smoking ban that will help to maintain social stability. Last years China has seemingly begun to imprive quality of life of people.

It was estimated by the WHO that millions of diseases may be attributed to smoking every year in China, and the number expected to increase greatly by 2050 in case current smoking rates aren’t curbed.

However, there are no details about how the proposed smoking ban will be  implemented as Chinese government refused to give the information to mass media.

Let us recall China’s attempt to reduce smoking rates in the country. It was in 2008 and then in 2011 when Beijing prohibited smoking in public places and this took many citizens by surprise.

There were established “No Smoking” signs behind the doors and walls of many restaurants. However, it seemed that is not a law but a recommendation because millions of smokers kept lighting up.

Experts say that in China there is need to change the culture of smoking. For example, it is normal wjen cigarettes are given as gifts, and large groups of men often smoke together in different places including work. In China 63% of adult men smoke.

In China only 25% of Chinese adults are aware about smoking effects on health and  less than one-third of adults know about the dangers of secondhand smoke.

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