Activists in Philippines Push Tighter Tobacco Control

Philippines Smoker

Health Justice Philippines and Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance reveals data that each hour ten people in Philippines die from a smoking-realted disease.

Dr. Mary Assunta  claims that the numbers are alarming and it is time to review the tobacco control program in order to reduce the impact of smoking in the country.  Nicotine causes addiction, therefore every person should be inforemed about the effects of smoking on the user and people around him.

Ma. Paz Luna working for Health Justice, says that today smoking related diseases are a global epidemic which touches thousands people worldwide and not only in  Philippines.

Data presented by the WHO demonstrates that annually six million people in the world die from tobacco. Among them five millions are those who used tobacco directly while 600, 000 were people exposed to secondhand smoke.

By 2030 the numbers will increase up to eight million annuallly. The organization calls for immediate action against tobacco use.

A study made by the WHO demonstrated that graphic health warnings on cigarette packs and anti-smoking campaign ads helped to reduce smoking rates among youth and adult smokers. Today graphic health warnings are introduced in Canada, Brazil,  Thailand, Singapore.

However, in Philippines there is no law imposing tobacco companies to place on cigarette packs. pictorial warnings showing the effects of smoking.

Back in 2005 the country signed the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Treaty and after that there was adopted the Tobacco Regulation Act.

The Metro Manila Development Authority launched on social media an information campaign which is sending warnings to people caught smoking in public places. Also they call for respecting no-smoking signs.

Non-smoking people exposed to secondhand smoke at workplace or at home have an increased risks to get lung cancer.

The Tobacco Regulation Act is enforced in schools, hospitals, recreational areas, medical centers, shopping malls, cinemas, hotels restaurants, etc.

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