Are Tobacco Companies Targeting Youth?


Tomorrow, on November 20, USA launches 39th edition of annual Great American Smokeout to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle without smoking in order to prevent development of smoking related diseases and improve quality of life.

The goal of the event is to encourage smokers to quit. North Dakota Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control Center along with Lake Region District Health will work over tobacco use prevention among young people.

These days tobacco use prevention among youth is a very important subject, because tobacco companies put their efforts to attract young customers to using tobacco. For example, they produce cigarettes with sweet flavors in colorful packs. All these tobacco efforts result in high smoking rates among youth.

Latest report of Surgeon General says that promotional activities and advertising of products made by tobacco companies contribute greatly to smoking rates increase among kids and teens. For this purpose tobacco companies produce cigarettes and smoking devices with candy nnd fruit flavors packed in bright and colorful packages.

At the end of 90s manufacturers of tobacco promised to stop marketing to childen, but they continued to do this and we see today a wide range of different tobacco products wich attract youth: smokeless tobacco, e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes with sweet flavors and even  candy-flavored cigars. Experts say the situation is alarming and there is a need to take measures to fight smoking among youth.

Most effective measure is price increase on tobacco products. However, to keep prices low, tobacco companies offer discounts and launch promotions to attract young people. Also tobacco companies place products aimed at youth near goods for this cetegory of people.

Organizers of Great American Smokeout want next generations to be smoke-free.

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