Australians Say Law Spoils Tobacco Taste


More than seven months ago in Australia there was adopted a most severe anti-tobacco law in the world which imposes usage of packages with graphic images of smoking effects on the human body. Thus cigarette packs in Australia depict cancerous lungs, mouth ulcers and gangrenous limbs.

Though it is too early to speak about impacts of law on tobacco use but the experts may say one thing exactly that smkers think the cigarettes taste off.

Complaints began to increase about the taste of cigarettes almost at once the law went into action on December 1. These measures are considered very important underway towards to reduce the number of smokers in the country.

The formula of tobacco blends in cigarettes was not changed at all. It remains the same. People see these ugly packages which were made the psychological leap to disgusting taste and think about the effects of smoking. The experst say only in several years they may talk about the resluts of these anti-smoking measures.

“But the best short-term indication I have that it’s working is the flood of calls we had in the days after the introduction of plain packaging accusing the government of changing the taste of cigarettes,” Ms. Plibersek said.

All parties in the battle over smoking in Australia have their own view about the law’s effects. The  government will reveal data in September but tobacco company’s data on sales is proprietary and is carefully guarded.

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