South Africa: FMF Against Smoking Ban

Aaron Motsoaledi, the Minister of Health of South Africa, said he faced a strong opposition from the Free Market Foundation (FMF) when he told about the idea to prohibit tobacco use in public spaces. The...
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No Smoking

Romania To Toughen Anti-Smoking Legislation

Larisa Marinescu, aged 32, lives in Bucharest and is mother of eight-month-old girl. She frequently walks in a city park with her daughter and says that she is happy that smoking is banned there. In Bucharest...
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Indonesia to Raise Tobacco Taxes in 2016

The government in Indonesia told it plans to raise tobacco excise taxes by average 11.19%. The change is to come into effect starting from January 2016, after considering all opinions from public health...
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Korea to Ban Small Cigarette Packs

Korean government said last week that it has in its plans a new initiative which would prohibit sale of small cigarette packs in the markets. It explained that the initiative would make part of country’s...
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Smoking Korean Woman

More Women in Korea Smoke Cigarettes

Newest study in South Korea showed that nearly 10% of young women aged 20 are smokers and this is largest percentage of female smokers among OECD nations. Generally, Korea has lowest smoking rates in...
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Woman with Smartphone

New Quit Smoking App Launched in Switzerland

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) in Switzerland launched a new  personalised application for smartphones which will help smokers quit their habit by communication with a person who supports...
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Smoking in Park

UK: Should Smoking be Banned at Outdoor Areas?

Dame Sally Davies, top medical officer in England, told that use of tobacco should be banned at kid’s playgrounds and parks. She welcomes anti-smoking measures aimed at reduction of active smoking...
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Smoking ib Car

UK: No More Smoking in Cars in Presence of Kids

In the UK starting from October 1, 2015, comes into effect legislation which bans smoking in cars where young people under 18 are present. The new anti-smoking law aims to protect yonger generations from...
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Cigarette Butts

Smokers in Paris Get Free Pocket Ashtrays

Paris, the capital of France, wants to fight cigarette butts on the streets by providing ashtrays to smokers. Thus there will be distributed 15,000 pocket ashtrays to Parisioans and tourists as a measure...
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Smoking on Balcony

Norway: No Smoking on Balconies

Bærum, an suburb of Oslo, developed a new condominium project which would prohibit tobacco use on balconies and in the garden terraces of apartments on the first floor of housing buildings. Developers...
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