Drop of Texas’ ban on indoor smoking – a win of human rights

Basing on my own experience I can affirm that the most fervent critics of smoking are the smokers that gave up. They reproach every poor gay around them with smoking, with deteriorating his lugs, environment and public health. I had been puffing for almost a decade. I tried cigarettes for the first time back in high school seeing cool girls from my class hanging around with a cigarette between their slim fingers. A usual story, common to many teenagers of that time.

ban on indoor smoking

As I entered a University almost 500 miles from my home places, so my parents could not control me, I started puffing like a grampus. I even smoked up to two packs of cigarettes each day. However, I got married in 1985 and the only demand of my future husband was to kick down my unhealthy habit. So, I gave up cold turkey on New Year’s Eve in 1985. But my dreams of having a single drag were with me almost 15 years more.

After I’ve told you my smoking story, you should have though that I was one of those activists who supported the proposal to ban indoor smoking in all public places across Texas that has recently been dropped by the Texas Assembly. Well, let me disappoint you, I was totally against it.

I was always against banning the indoor smoking in such buildings like restaurants, cafes and other similar establishments, since I consider t is not up to the government to oblige business owners to ban smoking, since the smoking itself is still a legal practice in our country.

Before starting arguing with me, think about the following thing: everybody including some of our senators definitely claims that tobacco industry is hazardous since it earns their money making smokers sick. Yet, our treasury strongly depends on state taxes from cigarettes, which makes cigarettes revenues the fourth highest source of revenue for the state budget. Just look at those tax increases in many states across America: every proposal is based on estimated higher profits. So, I am sure there is no possibility we would ever seen cigarettes becoming illegal since they bring enormous money for the government, both state and federal.

Restricting the availability of tobacco products so teenagers could not be able to purchase or steal cigarettes is a wise decision. Since I believe that any person under 18 should be limited in his rights because his parents are responsible for him. However, I share the same opinion as Sen. Bob Deuell, who admitted that voted the bill down since he puts the personal freedoms in front of public health concerns.

Senator Deuell, who is a certified physician and a member of American Medical Association, told the San Antonio Tribune that imposing restrictions related to personal rights is an infringement of fundamental humane rights and therefore the legislators have no right to force people to do something when dealing with personal property. Thank God, we still have at least several intelligent senators.

It seems rather simply, if you are not a fan of going to a café, restaurant, club or other place since you are not able to see your company because of the surrounding smoke, you should not go to such places. However, I advise you to phone the owner of that establishment and make him know the reason why you don’t want to visit his place. If managers would receive a significant number of such complaints with people telling them they don’t want to spend their money in that particular bar because of smoke, these businesses would surely prohibit lighting up in order to keep the patrons coming.

We have a free-market system, where it is up to the market to monitor such policies like smoking. It’s one thing to implement ban in public entities like hospitals or universities or any other building funded by taxpayers. However, it is a totally different issue to force business owners to prohibit smoking.

Public smoking is getting more and more unacceptable since people get more aware about the severe health complications and risks related to this evil. I am confident that after a while business owners would prohibit smoking inside their establishments pushed by the demands of nonsmoking majority of patrons. However, in times of rather difficult economic situation, it should be up to market to decide whether to go smoke-free or remain smoker-friendly and by no means state government.

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