Government Officials Want to Ban Smoking and the Use of Mobile Phones While Driving

Currently supporters declare that those arguments do not have any power, as they are focusing their attention to more effective measures, as enforcement and cost.

Anti-smoking advocated declare that both the mobile phone bill and the smoking ban are related to health and safety of people, and that is why protection of people should be more important than any other philosophical concerns.

Government Officials Want to Ban Smoking While Driving

“I will sign both bills into a law in case the General Assembly endorses them. These are simply balancing tests,” Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels said.

Officials have a lot of factors to ponder over when considering the bills, paying attention on potential costs. Owners of bar, restaurants and casinos have declared that a statewide smoking ban would affect their businesses, and the independent Legislative Services Agency states that a ban might cost the strapped for cash state up to $187 million in lost taxes on gambling industry next year.

This figure amazed House members, who declared that they would contact analysts in order to find out if the estimate could be trusted.

Charlie Brown, a Democrat from Gary who has struggled to adopt a smoking ban within many years, sees the best opportunity for the proposal but worries that opponents will use the potential cost as a pretext to move forward the bill’s demise. “This should be a bigger obstacle,” he said.

Advocates of bills to prohibit mobile phones while driving state that a lot of people are in favor of such proposals because they understand clearly the dangers of diverted driving. The enforcement was a stumbling block for preceding attempts to prohibit testing while driving.

“This year, Senator Robert Martin, wants to prohibit the use of mobile phones for drivers in order to eradicate both texting and talking on a mobile phone while driving. However drivers would still be allowed to use speakerphones, Bluetooth or in-vehicle systems,” Martin stated.

Sara Hudson of Indianapolis has prompted lawmakers to adopt a mobile phone ban for several years. She arrives at the committee meetings in the wheelchair she uses after being partially paralyzed several years ago when she had a car accident while talking on the phone with her boyfriend.

Senator, David Wawrow, a Republican from Carmel, who agrees with limited government, is against both the smoking ban and the mobile phone ban.

“Apparently the government wants to muffle people in bubble film in order to protect them from various dangers. It is simply not realistic. It would be too costly to assure protection of every citizen against every harm,” Wawrow stated.

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