Belarus Launched an Anti-Smoking Campaign


Healthcare Ministry of Belarus told that from 18 to 21 November Belarus runs a an educational and information anti-smoking campaign in the entire country. The campaign is dedicated to the World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated every third Thursday of November each year.  Its main goal is to inform Belarusians about negative effects of smoking.

The anti-smoking campaign provides all necessary information and consulations on tobacco use in schools. Also national center of hygiene, epidemiology and public health along with Alexandrov research center of oncology and medical radiology and the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education have organized such educational activities as “Smoking and cancer: prevention is better than cure!” and “Spice: To Know to Avoid!”.

Other activies include the youth events “Health is the Choice of a New Generation”, diagnostic events “Do not smoke” and business game “Bad habits and health”.

There will be organized a flash mob “Give yourself clean lungs” in Grodno Oblast. Mogilev Oblast will organize psychological lessons with elements of games and art-therapy called “Teens and tobacco. A dangerous acquaintance.”

These days tobacco is considered to be most common carcinogen to humans. You should know that in the tobacco smoke contains not only hydrocyanic acid and  nicotine but almost 4,000 chemicals.

Smoking  may result in cardiovascular diseases, chronic obstructive lung diseases and strokes. The WHO claims that 30% of cancerous diseases are linked to smoking.

A poll made in October of current year, showed that 30.5% of the Belarusians are smokers while in 2010 there was 30.6%. Among males, the proportion of smokers is 46.8% (47.1% in 2010), and among females –  16.2% (17% in 2010).

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