Bulgaria Not Likely to Ban Smoking in Open Public Spaces

Bulgaria’s ruling centrist-right GERB party has dropped its plan to propose a stricter smoking ban in the country by abolishing smoking in open public spaces, such as stadiums and bus stations.

Burning Cigarette

Burning cigarette and smoke

The majority of GERB’s MPs has voted against the ban in an anonymous vote withing the party’s parliamentary group, the Standart daily informs.

On Thursday, the measure will be discussed by the parliamentary committee on health.

In April, Bulgaria’s Parliament passed on first reading a bill banning smoking in closed public spaces. The ban will enter into force on June 1.

The full smoking ban in closed public spaces was to be enforced in 2010, but was postponed by the government with the argument that it might harm the country’s tourism.

Finance Minister Simeon Djankov has stated with certainty that the business will not suffer a serious blow over the smoking restriction.

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