Campaign for Full Smoking Ban Kicks Off in Bulgaria

A string of organizations launched an awareness project aimed at limiting smoking in public places in Bulgaria Thrusday, on the World Smokefree Day.

The project is the product of partnership among Bulgarian NGOs, supported by the US Bloomberg Charitable Foundation and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease.

Smoking ban sign

Cigarette butts with smoking ban signs

The program will have four main directions of action – raising awareness in society about the problems of smoking, an analysis of the anti-smoking policies in Bulgaria and the world, the implementation of a “Smokefree Life” NGO coalition, as well as the formation of an active civic position on those matters.

The project, entitled “Let Us Bring Back the Full Ban,” is set to operate over 2 years, will be financed by a grant of USD 210,000.

As the name says, one of the key specific goals is to convince lawmakers to adopt a stricter prohibitive legislation for smoking in public.

In 2010, a stricter law banning smoking from all pubs, restaurants, and working places was considered, only to be replaced by a law mandating that non-smoking areas be created.

To achieve their goals, the participants in the project plan meeting not only MPs, but also owners of pubs and restaurants, who have been the most vocal against the imposition of the full smoking ban.

Participants said that they also intend to put in massive efforts in reaching out to smokers and inform them about the opportunities and benefits of quitting.

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