Smoking in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong Sceptical about Large Warnings

Hong Kong launched a signature campaign to seek support for tougher tobacco control measures. The society showed mixed attitude towards the initiative. The Food and Health Bureau  talks about the necessity...
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Asian Woman Smoking

In Malaysia 38% Males are Smokers

Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam, Minister of Health in Malaysia said that today in the country there are 38% of male and 1.4% female smokers. The smoking habit kills around 20,000 Malaysian people annually...
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Japanese Woman Smoking

Chiyoda Ward To Increase the Number of Indoor Smoking Areas

Chiyoda Ward in Tokyo, Japan, wants to implement all necessary measures in order to raise the financial support for indoor smoking zones. First location of the kind was created recently, on January 19....
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Smoking Woman

No Smoking in Apartments in San Diego County

Authorities in San Diego County, California, decided to promote a proposed by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to encourage owners of  apartment buildings to prohibit use of cigarettes...
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Plain Packaging

Philippines to Introduce Graphic Warnings on Packs

In the Philippines there was approved a law imposing tobacco companies to place images of smoking effects on cigarettes packs. The measure is expected to reduce smoking rates in the country. In the committee...
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Smoking Woman

Melburne to Go Smoke-Free by 2016

Australian officials from Melburne told about their plans to make the city the first one on the world with total smoking bans in public places. Those who want to smoke their cigarettes should do it only...
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Thailand: Surin Launches Campaign to Stop Smoking

Authorities of Surin, Thailand, want to encourage people quit smoking and avoid affecting others with tobacco smoke, with the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. A Provincial Spokesman for Surin told that...
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Tobacco Growing

Philippines: Tobacco Production Increased by 11.8% in 2013

In Philippines production of tobacco increased by 11.8% to 53,750 metric tons in 2013 as prices rose and financing for farmers increased.  According to Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), 52.5%...
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Plain Cigarettes Packs

Australia: Quitline Calls up by 78%

Since Australia introduced in 2012 plain packs for cigarettes, there were increased by 78% calls to the New South Wales Quitline. However, it is still unknown if less people are smoking because of it. David...
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Tobacco Use in Argentina

After a slight improvement in 2011 in Argentina, tobacco use dropped again in 2012. In the first quarter cigarettes showed a quite high growth, which stopped in the second quarter, and declined in the...
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