Charlotte Church says her voice has not been affected by smoking

She’s got a voice of an angel, but 24 year old Charlotte Church has recently attributed her dulcet tones to her smoking habit.

Charlotte, who is mum to three year old Ruby and 21 month old Dexter, who she had with her former fiancé Welsh rugby superstar Gavin Henderson, has recently given up alcohol. But the star has said she has no plans to stop smoking just yet.

Charlotte Church smoking the cigarette

Charlotte Church smoking the cigarette

For years it has generally been thought that smoking damages your voice and hinders your abilities to sing, but Church has publically disagreed and has said that smoking 25 cigarettes a day has not damaged her vocal range at all.

She cites: “I’m not drinking these days, so you’ve got to have one vice. I’ll stop before my kids notice. But I quite like the tone it’s giving my voice, lots of lovely depth, and I haven’t lost the top end at all. That’s my excuse.’

Charlotte, who was the poster girl for Boots anti-smoking campaign in 2006, gave up smoking throughout both of her pregnancies. She later took up the habit again once her children were born-after being quoted saying smoking ‘looks disgusting’ – much to her health conscious ex’s displeasure.

She says that she does plan to quit smoking again in the future however, for the sake of her children. She thinks that giving up smoking will help her voice to recover so she that can start training her voice again. It will also enable her lung capacity to return to normal so she can hold the notes for longer.

Char still insists she can still hold her own when it comes to a good heart felt warble: “I still sing in that classical voice, at home on my own, in the dark! I’ll never lose that; it’s as tough as old boots.”

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