China: More Women Smoking in Shanghai

Smoking Woman

It was announced on the health conference that the number of smoking women in Shanghai has increased significantly in recent years. Shanghai International Lung Cancer Forum reported that only 3.7% of women in Shanghai smoked in 2011, and since then the number has increased to 4.8%.

Most common reasons that make women smoke are a desire for excitement, daily stress at work, and peer group pressure.  For example, Lu Jiachen, a 25-year-old office clerk, is smoking since going to college at 18.

After a quarrel with her boyfriend she was in a bad mood and a peer offered her a cigarette to relieve from stress. The peer said that smoking would help to feel better in this situation and Lu agreed to smoke a cigarette in order to calm herself down.

Generally, most women light up for the first time when they feel depressed or lonely. Soon smoking becomes a necessity for them and thus they become addicted.

30-years-old Yuan Yin works in advertising and finds smoking cool, she said smoking a cigarette is a natural thing for people like her who enjoy socializing with other people.  Today you will see  much more females smoking in bars than on the streets.

It should be said that women like Yuan who smoke on the daily basis, have more chances to develop a number of smoking related diseased.

According to Luo Qingquan, a doctor at the Shanghai Chest Hospital, due to physiological reasons females are more sensitive than males to nicotine and other substances found in tobacco.  Luo Qingquan says that women must undergo an examination every six months in order to prevent development of smoking related diseases.

Both Yuan and Lu said they know about the negative effects of smoking on health, but agree it’s hard to qiut.  Yuan says that quitting will make her break with a number of friends. But  Lu wants to quit before starting a family.

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