Cigarette companies targeting women with feminine packaging

Irish women are under pressure from cigarette companies who are targeting feminine cigarette packaging at young and old smokers.

Half of poor, young women smoke cigarettes, and are bothered of smoking but cannot give up, as outlined by the Irish Cancer Society.

One in three Irish women is smokers, which the society defined as “an epidemic”.

Cigarette Smoking Brunette

Smoking brunette

Reported by health promotion specialists, cigarette companies are attempting to attract women by developing coloured packaging, white packaging, ‘women-only’ cigarette brand, low-tar, and super-slim cigarettes.

This demand to market cigarettes by means of their packaging is more difficult in states where cigarette advertising is prohibited, such as in Ireland. In Germany, there are mango and mojito-flavoured cigarettes targeting at teenage girls.

Study in Ireland demonstrates lung cancer rates among low-income women are two times as high as that among rich women — and the vast majority of lung cancer instances from smoking.

The review, released by Alex White, the junior health minister, shows information from a seminar on women and smoking, which was prepared by the Irish Cancer Society and the National Women’s Council of Ireland.

Dr Jude Robinson from the University of Liverpool explained that study revealed “smoking is viewed as a means of coping and taking a break, and a significant de-stresser”.

“Women are more probably to have part-time or unsafe jobs and more probably to have stress, and have less power at work and take on unpaid work connected with low-status and low self-esteem, and depression,” she mentioned.

The National Woman’s Council is asking for national requirements for quitting smoking programs, the implementation of plain packaging for tobacco products, and the improvement of smoking cessation services especially for women.

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