Cigarette producer: British American Tobacco

Famous cigarette producer that is known all over the world is, certainly, British American Tobacco. The company has one of the greatest shares of tobacco manufacturing in the world.

“Born Internationally” – this is the logo of one of the largest cigarette makers of the world – British American Tobacco (BAT). The roots of this logo go back to the origin of the company – BAT was based on two countries United States of America and Great Britain. The tobacco company was founded in 1902. It was launched by Imperial Tobacco that is based in the UK and American Tobacco Company of the United States.

BAT Logo

British American Tobacco

The fortunate union formed peace between two cigarette makers, which ultimately reached a verdict that they should not market on each other’s territories. To extend their income they decided to subdue the trade markets of other countries such as Germany, Japan, Canada and other states. As a part of the agreement, tobacco companies made a decision that each other’s brands can be used by both companies on other countries’ territories in order to increase their trading abilities.

The tobacco company was controlled by James Duke. He created and developed various and locally oriented advertising methods, particularly for each country where British American Tobacco was starting its advertising campaign. In addition to the advertisement, James Duke introduced new ways of work, which permitted him to significantly reduce the price of the cigarettes, saving the high quality level. Fresh working ways turned out to be effective and gave quick growth. In the course of the first decade of the 20th century BAT extended its trade market in Egypt, Netherlands, India and Malaysia. At that time the company sold more than 10 billion of cigarettes. In1920 Great Britain half of the company expressed its wish to acquire the share of its American partner. Due to the fact that monetary funds were concentrated in one hands, the tobacco company reached and won such big markets in South America as Argentina and Brazil.

The most popular cigarette brands that are manufactured by BAT are Dunhill, Kent, Benson & Hedges, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall.

British American Tobacco had the ability to purchase the greatest share of the Brazil tobacco manufacturing, making the tobacco manufacturing of this country to be the largest subsidiary branch of BAT in the world.

Both World Wars increased the demand and accordingly the sales of cigarettes. Thus, thousands female workers were hired to work to satisfy the enormous demand in cigarettes for soldiers. During the time of war BAT was selling more than 20 billion cigarettes each year.

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