Cigarette Smoke Harmful to Animals

Being a true pet-lover, you should know that hazardous tobacco smoke, which is emitted by your cigarette, puts at risk not only your relatives and people who live with you, but your pets too. Dogs, cats, lizards, birds and other home animals living at constant exposure to cigarette smoke could suffer from severe diseases.

Cigarette Smoke Harmful to Animals

In conformity with a study performed by Texas State University, environmental tobacco smoke can provoke various incurable diseases in pets. The scientists discovered that the more members of a household are smokers, the higher is the jeopardy of having certain diseases in their home animals, because those pets that life in families with smokers are at 50 percent higher risk of developing various types of cancer.

According to the study there is a close connection among tobacco smoke and particular health complications, very dangerous to pets. The findings published in the latest issue of the Journal of Epidemiology show that long-nosed dogs, like collies and shepherds have two-time higher likeability to suffer from nasal cancer in case they live with smokers, due to the exposure of the nasal tissue to chemicals found in third-hand smoke, a tobacco residue settled on many surfaces. Other dogs are as well at risk of developing cancer if their owners are smokers, since poisonous substances from cigarette smoke can be delivered to their lungs.

Another research performed by Tufts College of Veterinary Medicine concluded that cats owned by smokers are three times more probably to suffer from certain types of cancer, such as squamous cell carcinoma, lymphoma, lung cancer, and other malignant tumors that are fatal to cats and small dogs and are very rapid in developing.

The owners of home birds should also avoid smoking in presence of them because birds exposed to tobacco smoke have several times higher risk of suffering from respiratory diseases, cancer and other diseases.

Second-hand smoke comprises over 5,000 chemicals, with 70 of them being highly toxic. Such chemicals as carcinogens, allergens and nitrosamines found in tobacco smoke are proved to cause severe diseases. And while smokers knew their habit could put people around them at risk of developing health complications, now it is evident that pets owned by smokers also suffer from second-hand smoke.

Home animals can also accidentally swallow cig butts and get poisoned by the chemicals contained in the filters. Or they can swallow the tobacco residue from their fur when they clean themselves. In any case, smoking in presence of pets is very harmful activity.

Doctors recommend smokers who have pets to puff at a considerable distance from their animals. In addition, they advice to bath animals more often, to open windows and ventilate the rooms and discard butts to garbage bins to keep them out of the reach of their pets.

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