Cigarettes Can Cure Cancer

Indonesian clinic, Griya Balur, located in Jakarta, offers customers to cure cancer by tobacco smoke. Patients are invited to “cleanse” their body, inhaling the smoke of “divine cigarettes”.

Its specialists argue that the primary cause of most diseases, including cancer, is the presence of mercury and free radicals in the body. But according to doctors, the smoke of “divine cigarettes”, produced by using nanotechnology, perfectly cleanses the body of these harmful substances. Using this method, it is treated cancer, autism, emphysema, and even slow the aging process in the clinic.

cigarette smoke

cigarette smoke

There are no scientific publications on a unique technique available. The founder of the Griya Balur clinic, Greta Zahar, explains this by lack of funds, as well as opposition from supporters of the “Western” medicine. Meanwhile, 60 thousand patients, including many visitors from the U.S. and Europe, have already tried an alternative method of treatment.

Unusual way to treat severe and even fatal diseases is practiced in the “Griya Balur” clinic in Jakarta. Local doctors believe that tobacco smoke is a panacea for all ills, including cancer tumours. “However, the normal cigarette smoke will not work, only special, from the so-called “divine cigarettes,” write Mednovosti.

Griya Balur administration does not disclose the secret of these cigarettes, but said that they use nanotechnology. As employees of the firm confirm, the special smoke removes mercury and “free radicals” from the body. Griya Balure believes that these components are considered the primary cause of cancers. Also, the “divine smoke” will help get rid of autism, emphysema, and helps to stay young longer.

Greta Zahar, who got a degree in chemistry at the Padzhadzharan University, said that Western medicine has actively discouraged her discovery. Just this, as well as the lack of funds, prevents publishing the results of her research. Meanwhile, more than 60 thousand people have already passed this unusual treatment.

Some time ago, Greta Zahar, along with tobacco manufacturers, filed a lawsuit in the Constitutional Court of Indonesia to demand repeal of the Law on Regulation of tobacco products in which tobacco was first recognized as addictive substances.

At the moment Greta Zahar is actively fighting against the law to regulate tobacco products, which equates a cigarette to a product that causes addiction and dependence.

Now Indonesia is the only country with no restrictions on smoking. This country has not adopted the Framework Anti-tobacco Convention of World Health Organization. In Indonesia, nearly 60% of the male population smoke tobacco products, and mortality from tobacco had already reached the number of 200 thousand people per year.

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