Cigars, Cigarillos & Little Cigars

Over the last decade, cigarette consumption has declined, while sales of cigarillos and little cigars have increased dramatically – particularly among young adults. Despite their growth in popularity, little is known about these products.  Moreover, they are taxed at lower rates and regulated differently than cigarettes.

Little Cigars

Little Cigar

Little Cigar

Little cigars are similar in size and appearance to cigarettes. Unlike cigarettes, which are wrapped in white paper, little cigars are wrapped in a brown, paper-like substance that contains some tobacco leaf.  They are available in flavors like vanilla, grape, watermelon, cherry, chocolate, menthol, etc. These are flavors that have been proven to appeal to youth.  They weigh less than three pounds per thousand.


Filtered Cigarillos

Filtered and non-filtered cigarillos

Cigarillos often look like smaller versions of traditional cigars. These mid-sized cigars are colloquially known as “cigarillos,” “blunts,” or “cheroots.” They can come in flavors like cherry, apple, menthol, wine, etc., which appeal to young people.

Traditional Large Cigars


Large cigar

Traditional large cigars are tobacco wrapped in tobacco leaf. These products weigh more than three pounds per thousand.

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