Collections of Camel Lighters

Every smoker of the cigarettes brand Camel is aware of the Camel lighters collection from Zippo. Over the years there have been various Camel lighters designs meant to advertise the brand of cigarettes. Throughout time some people have shown interest in collecting each of these designs to have the whole collection of Zippo Camel lighters in one place. Today, some of those designs are pretty hard to find. However, having a collection of Camel lighters means a lot to some people, and they are ready to pay for the pleasure of owning it.

Zippo Camel lighters

Promo replica 1932 Camel Zippo given away to people who smoke ungodly amounts of Camel cigarettes.

Over the years, Zippo has manufactured a lot of Camel lighters i.e. lighter with the Camel logo on them. This trend has been extended from US only to a global scale. As their popularity grew, they started appearing in magazines and catalogues such as “Camel Cash”. Also they have been included in various Camel events such as the “Camel Trophy Competition” among others. Now they can be found in shops all around the world.

The designs for the Camel lighters came from Camel inc. itself. The first time all of these designs appeared in one place was back in the 90s in a catalogue named “The Brian Sipes Camel Guides”. From this point on, there have been a lot of publications based on this one to summarize each of the Camel lighters by their production date.

The enthusiasts for this cigarettes brand have shown quite an interest in using smoking accessories that relate to their favorite brand. The opportunity was first discovered by Zippo, and they started their first campaign in creating the Camel lighters. Later on, this venture turned into a timeless classic, and each of their designs never got old. As their limited edition Camel lighters gain age, their price always goes up. They’ve made most of their success because of the interest in people to collect them. Although it might not be understandable for people who aren’t smokers or just not smoking the Camel cigarettes, this is an everlasting passion that shows how much these collectors are loyal to their favorite brand.

In the lighters market, it’s pretty hard to find something no one else has found before you, because almost everything that was needed from the market was invented long ago. Only the best have succeeded in locating smaller markets which are really passionate about their lighters, and Zippo had quite a success discovering them with the Camel lighters. Because of this success, they’ve put themselves before everyone else for as long as the market survives.

If you are one of those people who are a loyal and passionate Camel smoker, you would understand why collecting the designs released over the years are of such a great significance. After all, these are the people that have encouraged Camel and Zippo to keep coming up with new designs and keep this department alive for so long. Almost all of their past designs can still be found online. If you want your own personal collection of Camel lighters there is still time to make it.

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