Combination tobacco product use leads to stronger addiction

According to a study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and published in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, researchers are finding that for those individuals who choose to use more than one form of tobacco product could face higher nicotine addiction rates, in conjunction with more health problems.

Cigarette's affects

Cigarette\’s affects

According to the report, 5.7% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 used multiple tobacco products, 4.8% of single adults, and 4.4% of men in general were more likely to use combination tobacco products. Combinations of products can include anything from smoking cigarettes as well as cigars, pipes, or other tobacco delivery products. The study also went on to find that one out of every four adults in the 13 states that were surveyed, used at least one form of tobacco.

The lowest ranking state in the study was New Jersey at 18.4% and the highest ranking went to West Virginia with 35% of the population using a tobacco product. Tobacco use was higher among white Americans, at 26% and blacks at 24% of Hispanics falling third at 19%.

Married people were less likely to smoke, and the second most likely with were widowed or divorced people, single study particpants were the next highest, and unmarried couples made the top of the list. Of those surveyed, those with less than a high school education were also more likely to use tobacco Vs. those with some college education or more.

For those who have less than a high school education and was estimated at 33.1% of these individuals smoke in comparison with 20.5% of those who were college educated.

Tobacco delivery products

Tobacco delivery products

Some people might be confused to think that nicotine is actually the chemical that causes cancer when in fact it is not nicotine that causes cancer and other health issues. Instead, the toxic cocktail found in traditional cigarette products– including carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde, cyanide and and even ammonia. While nicotine does have its own effect on the body by stimulating hormones and their raise blood pressure, heart rate and increase feelings of relaxation and pleasure it is responsible for addiction and not physical illness, per say.

While electronic cigarettes are not marketed as a nicotine replacement device, many users find these products to be invaluable in their efforts to stop smoking.

While the FDA continues to scrutinize all aspects of the product, and nasty rumors swirl regarding their contents and use, many satisfied customers have found an improved state of health, and an answer to their nicotine addiction when there seemed to be no other.

No matter if you choose to smoke and use multiple tobacco products, or just one– nicotine addiction can be a difficult habit to kick. Making the choice to use multiple tobacco products now seem to make that habit even more difficult to break.

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