Davidoff Black & White

The French designer Ora Ito has proved that both the brand and brand design is almost the same thing. Seven years ago, he drew and posted on the internet non-existent goods of existing brands, dating their production by 2010. Today, the world’s largest brands gladly cooperate with Ora Ito. His last achievement – Davidoff Black & White – is a familiar octagonal pack of cigarettes with unusual contrast color solution.

Davidoff Black & White

Davidoff Black & White

Imperial Tobacco Company has expanded the «Davidoff» premium family with two new super-premium varieties – «Davidoff Black» and «Davidoff White».

Davidoff cigarettes, without exception, are of good quality and contain high-quality tobacco. Not so long ago, the new cigarettes – Davidoff Black KS – entered the market in small packaging. There are white and black packagings. The nicotine content in black packaging is 0,4 mg, in white – correspondingly smaller – 0.1 mg.

The special appeal of the new variety is in a contrast color solution with the minimum number of graphic elements. The form of packaging is not changed and still represents an elegant octahedron.

Davidoff Black & White – a new leader of Davidoff brand – are ultra-modern cigarettes of “super premium” class with a high-quality tobacco peculiar to this brand.

Slogan of Davidoff cigarettes is “Your choice is black or white’.

Davidoff is a Swiss brand of tobacco products. They are sold in over 100 countries all over the world. They are particularly popular in Greece, Taiwan and the Middle East. Davidoff tobacco products are available in all countries through online cigarette stores. This means that everyone can buy and try a Davidoff cigarette.

Davidoff Cigarettes are owned by The Imperial Tobacco Company and are produced in three factories. Imperial Tobacco got Davidoff Cigarettes trademark in 2006. Since 2002 the company had a long term lease on the brand and name.

The Davidoff brand name offers various cigarette styles: Davidoff Classic, Lights, Ultra Lights, Slim Classic100’s, Slim Lights 100’s, Slim Ultra Light 100’s, Davidoff B&W Black, B&W White, Neon Red, Neon Silver and Neon White. There are various styles to select from in several different countries throughout the entire world. Almost all styles are available in our online cigarette stores.

The Davidoff Cigarettes packaging is very elegant and gives the impression of high-quality.
Irreproachable quality of Davidoff cigarettes remained unchanged. Now, the familiar taste of Davidoff cigarettes is in a charming new design package. Davidoff cigarettes are cigarettes for the discerning consumers who appreciate quality, style and art of living.

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