Demand for action against glitzy cigarette packaging

In the Rochdale a lot of parents expressed their intention to guard kids from smoking habit. They signed up to maintain the enactment of plain cigarette packaging at the weekend.

Everywhere parents were demonstrated examples of how tobacco companies attract kids and young people to start smoking by alluring cigarette packages that are adopted to be similar to toys, perfume and gadgets.

Plain Cigarette Pack

Opened plain pack with cigarettes

One mother from Rochdale, Jolene Jenkinson, said that she really believe cigarette packets should be changed and it is advertising that make children start smoking.

All parents promised to help young people by supporting the new Plain Packs Protect campaign which requires plain, standardised packaging of tobacco products. The campaign intends to de-normalise smoking.  On 16th April the Government launched a national three month consultation on plain tobacco packaging, in which the campaign will participate.

The consultation will establish whether there is maintain for the enactment of standardised tobacco packaging to decrease the number of rising generation who start smoking. A new UK plain packaging law would mean the banning of shiny holograms, pretty pastel colours and novelty wrappers on the cigarette packaging.

Obtained data from a research led by Action on Smoking and Health found that 80 % of people would maintain plain packaging if there was proof that they are less alluring to children.

Dr Jane Rossini, Director of Public Health at NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale said that UK tobacco companies have been increasingly considering packaging as a method to attract new customers, especially those aged fewer than 18.

Dr Jane Rossini added that in the Rochdale they intend to decrease the number of youth who start smoking. Removing branded cigarette packaging would be important in turning off the tap of new young smokers.

Andrea Crossfield, Director of Tobacco Free Futures, leads the Plain Packs Protect campaign in the North West. She said that it is kids who take up smoking and not adults. 83 % of young people start smoking a childhood.

Crossfield added that they suppose that plain, standardised cigarette packaging will help to protect kids from starting smoking in the future.

She persuades people to support this measure.

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