Egypt Enforced Smoking Ban, Alexandria

As it is known the most Arab consumers of smoking products are situated in Egypt. And for them the smoking ban in all public places is a very shocking and unpleasant movement. However officials decided to enforce smoking ban in Alexandria too.

Egypt smoking ban

So, Alexandria is the Egypt’s first no smoking city, beginning with a ban on lighting up cigarettes in government buildings.

Statistics show that Egyptians smoke approximately 19 billion cigarettes yearly, sharp anxiety for public health.

In general Egypt is a nation of smokers with traditional hookahs water pipes where can be found in coffee shops, and convincing Egyptians to quit smoking will be a real problem.

In Alexandria it is something normal to see people smoking cigarettes on the train, in office, and even in hospitals.

But now the new anti-smoking legislation which ban smoking in all public places will change the life of all inhabitants who live in Alexandria. The local officials first plan to oblige an existing law – one that is usually disregarded – banning smoking in government environments.

They also declared that within two years, they will ban smoking in cafes, bars and restaurants.

Dr. Hassan Salam from the University of Alexandria said: “Smoking in Egypt is a public habit, unfortunately. Out of every 10 men, four smoke and more and more women is starting smoking now too. The statistics also showed that Egyptians smoke approximately 19 billion cigarettes per year. So, smoking became the biggest public health problem.”

As it is known smoking was banned in public places in almost all states and it has good result, because it convinced more people to quit smoking. But officials consider that such legislation will be a particular defiance to force Egyptians to kick the smoking habit.

However thy hope that the new anti-smoking restrictions will at least make more inhabitants to cut back – and that Alexandria can set an example for the other countries where the smokers rate are very high.

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