Electronic Cigarette for $200

New Zealand Auckland University scientists have developed the electronic cigarette, which may solve the problem of smoking in places where it is prohibited and abandoning this bad habit!

Externally, the novelty is similar to conventional cigarette, inserted in the short mouthpiece. To give a realistic, the tip of this cigarette was decorated with light emitting diode which “glows” when inhaling. A 16-milligram nicotine replacement cartridge is inserted into the device. In the process of “smoking” it warms up and the dose of nicotine goes into the smoker’s organism through the mouth in the form of steam. Device operates by an ordinary penlight batteries.

A picture with electronic cigarette

A picture with electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette does not produce any smoke or characteristic smell peculiar to tobacco. Electronic smoke is a steam with nicotine admixture, which is formed in the internal evaporator. The indicator simulates the flash at inhaling. Such cigarette can be smoked in public places.

The cost of the electronic cigarette is 270 New Zealand dollars (about 200 U.S. dollars). The cost of replacement cartridges will be $ 2 per day.

According to one of the authors of the idea, Dr Hayden McRobbie, this development can be a good help for those who want to quit smoking. With its help, people simultaneously satisfies the psychological habit of smoking, get nicotine and protect themselves from harmful components of tobacco, such as carbon monoxide and tar.

Now there is a call for volunteers to test new items. Scientists hope that their results prove the higher efficiency of development compared with existing analogs of substitute of regular cigarettes, such as patches and gum.

“In general, the nicotine is not dangerous to the smoker. Nevertheless, quitting smoking, people suffer from symptoms of nicotine dependence. If former smoker uses a product similar to the electronic cigarette, his body continued to receive nicotine, and the obsessive desire to smoke disappears, ” said Dr. McRobbie.

Ministry of Health in New Zealand has already confirmed that e-cigarette “smoking” is not a violation of the law on ban smoking in public places. That is why it can be “smoking” in bars and restaurants, and even at work.

About 67% of respondents reported that they reduced the number of present cigarettes. According to the initiators of the study, these results confirm the effectiveness of an electronic substitute for tobacco smoking cessation.

However, not all scientists are optimistic and have expressed doubts about the harmlessness of electronic cigarettes. Too little time has passed to determine how the body reacts on steam, inhaled by the consumer.

Propylene glycol, a substance that can cause allergic reactions and even damage to internal organs, is in the nicotine cartridge. Furthermore, the addition of fruit and other flavoring additives attract many teenagers to try the electronic cigarette.

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