Electronic cigarettes are now prohibited at Amazon.com

One of the leading internet stores Amazon.com stopped distribution of electronic cigarettes. The decision revealed last week is a reaction to a huge wave of criticism came up from several health groups that notified the online retailer of likely legal proceedings to selling the product found to contain toxic ingredients and named harm for health by the American from multiple public health organizations, which warned the owners of internet retailer about possible legal actions for simplifying the access to a product that was declared toxic and hazardous for health by the US Food and Drug Administration.

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The scientists also disclosed the findings of the analyses of e-cigarettes, which demonstrated them to contain nitrosamines and other poisonous ingredients in the liquid that should have contained only nicotine and water.

After the disclosure of the analyses’ results, many anti-smoking groups, including Action on Smoking and Health started a campaign to convince the FDA to ban the devices and warn distributors of the products about their responsibility over selling toxic products.

Last month, the famous Facebook reportedly banned advertisements and promotions of electronic cigarettes on the web site, and PayPal also prohibited the devices, both after receiving similar warnings from health groups.

The electronic cigarettes were also banned recently at countrywide level, when more than a dozen of countries across the world banned sales of electronic cigarettes. The list of countries where e-cigs are outlawed includes Brazil, Australia, Canada, Taipei, Singapore, Israel, and Mexico. Last month Oregon went into history as the first American state to outlaw electronic cigarettes, with New Jersey and Connecticut are in the process of taking up similar measures.

Public health organizations believe that the Oregon precedent would create a sort of chain reactions with other states to follow the steps. Multiple convenience stores, which have been selling the devices, currently started requiring quality certificates and guarantees of liability; while the federal district court in Washington DC is likely to rule in favor of upholding a ban on importations of electronic cigarettes into the country.

The owners of Amazon.com reportedly began warning the vendors about the prohibition by particular letters where they state that the electronic cigarettes and their accessory parts had been prohibited and removed from the site as inappropriate or illicit products. The administration of the site also warned the vendors of possible locking of their accounts in case they would continue to list or distribute the banned products.

Devices known as electronic cigarettes present a risk to the users, especially to minors who pick up the devices attracted by their flavors of cherry and chocolate and those people who suffer from allergies or chronic respiratory illnesses and inhaling the vapor from electronic cigarettes that is said to contain a blend of propylene glycol, heated nicotine and other substances can result in acute attacks of their diseases.

The FDA experts analyzed the composition of several samples of e-cigarettes and found that several of them had diethylene glycol, a poisonous chemical used in antifreeze production. Besides several samples contained carcinogens and increased amount of nicotine.

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