English smokers being encourage to give up for 28 days

In conformity with a note on the website of the Department of Health’s Media Centre, smoking people in England have been encouraged to give up smoking for twenty eight days starting with October 1.

The Stoptober campaign is found on a study revealing that ‘those who quit smoking for twenty eight days are five times more likely to be smoke-free’. Supposedly, the unaccomplished comparison is with those who quitted smoking for a period of less than twenty eight days.

Cigarette Smoking Man

Man smoking a cigarette

Stoptober is considered to be the first ever mass smoking cessation attempt for smoking people. The campaign was launched on September 8 by the chief medical officer, Professor Dame Sally Davies.

‘The innovatory program comes as smoking is still the biggest problem in England with half of long-term smoking people dying prematurely from tobacco related diseases,’ the note said.

Stoptober will take place from 1 October. It is supported by Cancer ResearchUKand British Heart Foundation and is the first 28 day smoking cessation attempt of its kind to encourage the England’s eight million smoking people to move towards a future without smoking.

Smoking people will be provided with support and encouragement by means of TV and radio advertisements which goes live on Monday 10 September. In addition, the support will come from a daily messaging service and road shows around the country.

“Smoking is still the biggest reason of premature death in England, taking more than 100,000 lives in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each year,” said Davies.

‘The Stoptober campaign is as well maintained by the Stoptober app that is available free via Smartphone, as well as the Smokefree Facebook page with extra tips and advice,’ the note added.

‘The giant Stoptober wheel will tour the country throughout Stoptober and encourage smoking people everywhere to quit smoking and take part,’ the note said.

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