Almost All Fires Caused by Cigarettes

Cigarettes smoking are harmful for smokers, and for those around them and of course for houses where a smoker live.

Previous studies showed that smoking is the main cause of blazes that killed a lot of Americans especially older inhabitants. The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) said that 65 years old and over adults are more probable to die or to be harmed in a fire than are younger adults.

After fire caused by cigarette

Only a new ban on cigarettes which cause fires will prevent thousands of flames each year, the New South Wales (NSW) Fire Team said. However, researchers declared that all people should know that there are no safe cigarettes.

“The new cigarettes, when not burned quickly will extinguish alone,” Mr. Mullins said.

Fire Brigade commissioner Greg Mullins explained that soon only cigarettes designed especially to self-extinguish can be manufactured or imported from other states into Australia. In general smoking is considered to be the main cause of approximately 4574 fires in Australia yearly.

Mr. Mullins declared that when he was a young and beginner firefighter the first deadliness he met was in 1979, a fire caused by a smoker smoking in his bed.

Statistics show that approximately 77 people died in fires caused by tobacco products between 2000 and 2005.

“I think the appearances are underestimated because many flames have a not known cause,” Mr. Mullins added.

Tobacco retailers should until September 2010 to sell all the existing stocks of non-safe cigarettes.
Mr. Mullins is sure that even this new legislation will not change the smoking habit of those who became addictive. Because as he said: “Smokers noticed no difference, in cost or in taste of new fire-safe cigarettes.”

Emergency Services Minister Steve Whan declared that NSW had applied for the national ban because tobacco companies was not agreed to introduce the new fire-safe cigarettes.

Australian tobacco companies desired to introduce reduced fire risk cigarette for many years ago but they didn’t do this yet because they evidently cared more about the fact that these new cigarettes can frequently go out, annoying smokers, than the fact that their smoking products were the main cause of so much needless deaths and devastations.

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