Grampians Has Highest Smoking Rate in Australia


In Australia highest smoking rate is reported in Grampians in Victoria region with 28% of adult people smoking a cigarette at least once a day. National Health Performance authority reported that the lowest amount of adult smokers are in Sydney’s north shore and beaches with just 6% people smoking on a daily basis. Thus it can be said that they have cleanest lungs in Australia.

The analysis was made at the request by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG), whose major goal is to reduce by 2018 smoking rate in Australia to 10%.

According to  authority CEO Dr Diane Watson , it would help local communities in define their healthcare needs.  Besides this, it provides data on smoking in the Medicare local zones that were established in 2011 in order to promote decision making and service provision at community level.

When all necessary data was collected, it showed that in 2011-2012 the overall rate was 16% with only 4 local areas achieving 10% or less.  These are Sydney’s north shore and beaches, inner west Sydney, Bayside and inner east Melbourne.

The Medicare zones with the highest rates are Goldfields-midwest in Western Australia, Northern Territory, Grampians,, far north Queensland.  Among 2.7 million of smoking people, those who live in poorer, distant regions are more likely to smoke than people in wealthier urban areas in Victoria and NSW.

People in Australian Capital Territory are less likely to smoke (13%). They are followed by NSW (14%), Victoria and South Australia (16%), Queensland and Western Australia (18%), Tasmania (21%) and the Northern Territory (24%).

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