Graphic Warnings On Cigarette Packets Make One Quit Smoking?

Is there any significant impact of health warning on packets of cigarettes to make one quit smoking? Perhaps no one has the answer, but still it has been made mandatory to have graphic images of attached diseases like gangrene, mouth cancer and lung disease to be imprinted encompassing 30% of the front and 90% of the back of the pack.

There is consensus that the requisite information of health concerns attached with tobacco and gangrene should be made visible enough for consumers to judge whether they want to take the risk or not.

Cigarettes tied to time-bomb

Cigarettes tied to time-bomb

However, there is another clan which is of the opinion that such graphics have no impact on the decision making power of consumers. Though it’s dicey to show that such steps do have significant impact through figures, there are experts who feel that having such measures intact in the system do affect many.

“An average smoker sees the package approximately 30 times a day. It’s right in your face. If the warning is emotionally powerful, it can have an impact”, said Manuel Arango, Director of health policy for the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

It has been known that mandatory warning labels on packages of cigarettes and other tobacco products were legalized in 1989 in Canada first, and then such rules were followed by other countries.

While there is another group who believes that having warning labels could make one quit smoking is just another political tactic played by government to take on the makers of tobacco products.

While everyone has its own reaction towards seeing warning labels, there are a few who might think about quitting also.

If words cannot make a difference, graphic labels could have some more effect. Perhaps that’s what make the government do their best to ensure that consumers take rational approach before they take a puff.

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