High Cigarettes Prices Hurt the First Nations Businesses

First Nations is a term used for ethnicity that refers to the native people in Canada who are neither Inuit nor Métis. There are at present over 600 identified First Nations governments or bands extend all through Canada, approximately half of which are in the districts of Ontario and British Columbia.

High cigarettes prices

Replaces to tobacco taxes in the provincial budget are a serious violation on covenant rights and will cost First Nations businesses millions of dollars, Saskatchewan authorities said.

The First Nations people have been permitted to buy up to three cigarettes cartons a week from shops that still have tobacco reservations, out of paying the provincial tobacco tax. So, three cartons contain 24 packs, and 600 cigarettes in all.

But soon the tax-free restriction will descend to one carton a week for every person. And the higher cigarettes prices – $5.25 a pack – will be requested.

The vice-chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations, Morley Watson explained that the provincial government has extended its taxing control out of its authority, and First Nations businesses will be damaged because of this change.

“This is Indian agent outlook. But the old Indian agent would retail us about how much grain, wood and other goods we could yield and furnish for our families,” Mr. Watson added.

But the government declared that the new changes would only help First Nations inhabitants to quit smoking easier. The cigarettes stocks are still increased, and of course they maintain the high rates of smoking among smokers.

Health scientists approved the new changes too, because many of the most serious chronic diseases among First Nations people, such as heart disease, and lung cancer, are simply linked to smoking habit.

Currently, the main goal of government is to stop tax-free tobacco from getting into the hands of non-First Nations people.

Rod Gantefoer, the Finance Minister sustained that the new tax-free cigarette limit will take effect once the new legislation will be published.

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