How To Smoke Cigars Properly

Learning how to smoke cigars properly is a rite of passage for a lot of men, as well as for some women. The proper lighting and smoking of a cigar is generally a sign of an accomplishment. Cigars are smoked when babies are born, when people get married and when kids graduate.

Cigars also have a way of bringing people together. Rich men smoke them and poor men smoke them. This is why it is important to learn the proper way to smoke a cigar. Smoking a cigar can pretty much make every occasion better.

The man is smoking cigar

The man is smoking cigar

1.When you smoke a cigar, the first step is to cut off the end, or the cap, located at the end of the cigar. You do not need to cut off a lot, just a small amount, maybe a centimeter. You will want to make a properly clean, crisp cut here. Cigar cutters are made for this purpose, but you can also use a knife.

2.After you make the cut, some tobacco may end up sticking out of the end of the cigar. Remove this; otherwise you will end up with tobacco leaves in your mouth.

3.When lighting a cigar, first place the end of the cigar over the flame of a lighter or match for several seconds. This will make the edges of the cigar crisp, and allow for an even burn.

4.Next, as you light the cigar, inhale deeply while the cigar is over the flame. Make sure you roll the cigar over the flame as you light it. This will ensure that it is lit evenly.

5.The final step is no big surprise. You are now supposed to smoke it. When you properly smoke a cigar, you never inhale the smoke into your lungs. Smoking a cigar is all about the taste. Just draw the smoke into your mouth and breathe it back out. Also, do not make it a habit of flicking off your ashes. Cigars burn the best when the ash is allowed to fall off naturally.

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