IPSY Program Leads Children to Say ‘No’ to Cigarettes and Alcohol

Children and youth people, who drink so much, get in hospital. Heavy drinking is badly stylish among people aged less than 20 years old. But youth can be protected from smoking and abusive drinking behavior.

smoking cessation

smoking cessation

Dr Karina Weichold of the Jena University said that the data do not gladden. However, it is taken into account that youth realize that consumption of alcohol and smoking is a cause of health deterioration. That is why protection process should be started somewhere else. Developmental scientists and their colleagues from the Institute of Psychology and the Center for Applied Developmental Science of the Jena University, want to get this with their particularly developed prevention program IPSY.

Nearly 1700 school children, aged between 10 and 15 years from Thuringia (Germany) took part in the study. According to the Jena psychologists, the study demonstrated the effectiveness of the prevention program IPSY in the prevention of alcohol and nicotine abuse among school children and youth. The Jena researches showed the study results in the science magazine “Journal of Early Adolescence”.

IPSY is deciphered as Information and Psychosocial Competence. It is intended for delivering of essential life skills. Professor Dr Rainer K. Silbereisen said that the age-typical growth in the alcohol consumption and smoking is lower in the group of pupils who participated in their program than in the control groups.

Dr Rainer K. Silbereisen said that their program is intended for children who have never tried alcohol and cigarettes. IPSY has been introduced in more than 100 Thuringian schools since 2003. The effects of the IPSY are good not only for children, but also for teachers.

The development psychologists examined the influence of their program in different publications. The researches as well want to know whether their program is equally successful for different groups of participators. Dr Weichold reports that both girls and boys get a benefit from IPSY. While girls’ self-assurance let know, boys’ communication skills are meaningly raised. In general, IPSY make children less susceptible to pressure from equals in age. They can easier give up on consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. The Jena psychologists underline that IPSY as well promotes pupils’ commitment to their school. Children feel themselves protected in school.

The IPSY program helps children treat stress and disquiet. IPSY has developed themes like “School and I” or “I and Others”. There they talk over their results with classmates and teachers. Role play, movement and relaxation methods are part of the concept as well. Each program is composed of 15 modules of 90 minutes in the class level 5. This is followed by a development phase of 7 modules in classes 6 and 7.

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