Jefferson city is against smoking

In recent years the fighting against smoking leads actively all around the world. The USA and a series of Western Europe states are more succeeded in this, where smoking in public places, including offices, is strongly prohibited.

Jefferson city is against smoking

According to Associated Press, the national anti-tobacco campaign, carried out in the USA, allowed perceptibly reducing the number of smokers among young people. Basing on experts data, during a period of 2 years from 2000 to 2002, about 300 thousand young Americans managed to keep themselves from smoking.

Nowadays there is prepared a new strict bill on banning smoking almost in all public areas. The current law, adopted in 1995, prohibits smoking in restaurants, counting more than 35 places, even in private bureaus where work more than 3 employees.

Still, there are states where is no smoke-free ordinance. One of such states is Jefferson City. In spite the fact that some businesses in the given area have banned smoking on their property, there is one anti-smoking campaign that doubts it is enough for keeping Jefferson’s city environment and air clean.

The earlier mentioned campaign that carries “The Smoke free Jefferson City” name granted administrative board of city a report that revealed how highly the citizens are exposed to secondhand smoke. The report is founded on a late research, accomplished by the University of Missouri. Having collected all the pivotal information, the coalition believes that the city council will earnestly come to this issue.

The member of “The Smoke free Jefferson City”, Felicia Poettgen, stated that a smoke-free ordinance has numerous advantages. Ones of them are clean city air and declining of problems linked with heart and many other sever diseases.

“There is an obvious relationship between secondhand smoke and heart disease. We encourage our city council to consider a policy for smoke free workplaces and public areas as a compelling, as it is the simple way to reduce heart attacks in our community,”-added Poettgen.

A member of administrative board of Jefferson City, having looked through smoke-free ordinance, submitted that this law would not be an extreme decision, yet it can be considered as logical step in the right direction.

“When you visit a restaurant, certainly you expect clean water,” told city councilwoman Carrie Carroll. “You expect your food to be health, fresh and cooked to a certain temperature. So when I look at clean water and food, clean air is just a part of that. It’s part of the whole environment.” That is why it is so important to keep it out of detrimental substances.

As it was noted previously, the report is only the first step in the process of presenting an ordinance. Officially this ordinance will be presented in spring. Until then, the coalition hopes that representatives of city council will preside over meeting referring thorough discussion of the ordinance.

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