JT increases half year domestic and international cigarette shipments

Japan Tobacco Inc., which produces, markets and sells cigarettes, reported its half year domestic and international cigarette shipments. Domestic cigarette sales volume in the course of the six months from April to September increased by 17% on that of April-September of the previous year, which was adversely impacted because of the earthquake of March 2011.

The cigarette maker’s essential income from domestic cigarette sales increased by 16.8% to ¥335.0 billion and its adjusted EBITDA grew by 24.4% to ¥154.2 billion.

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At the same time, Japan Tobacco’s whole cigarette shipment volume during the six months from January to June, at 212.4 billion, increased by 3.7% on that of January-June of the previous year, partially because of the purchase of the Haggar Cigarette & Tobacco Factory Ltd.

Totally, global flagship brand shipment volume grew by 7.2% to 130.8 billion.

Japan tobacco’s main earnings increased by 3.7% to ¥457.0 billion, and its adjusted EBITDA grew by 6.6% to ¥172.9 billion.

Together with the results of its other businesses, Japan Tobacco’s income grew by 6.0% to ¥1,057.4 billion and its adjusted EBITDA grew by 15% to ¥329.1, as outlined by confirmed financial data published few days ago.

Operating income increased by 25.5% to ¥265.6 billion and the income attributable to the owners of the parent was up by 17.5% to ¥168.8 billion.

President and CEO of Japan Tobacco, Mitsuomi Koizumi, was delighted to announce that tobacco businesses once again showed good results.

“All over the world, the tobacco company has experienced both global flagship brand and total volume growth, despite the challenging environment, especially in Western Europe, affecting industry volume.

“In Japan, the tobacco company has been steadily recovering its market share over a short period after earthquake by means of advertising campaigns and improving of brand equity.

“Japan Tobacco will keep on setting priorities to business investments for stable future growth, as it was demonstrated by the company’s initiative to evolve Mild Seven to Mevius to strengthen brand equity and global presence.”

Japan Tobacco Inc informed that its whole cigarette shipment during January to September, at 327.9 billion, increased by 2.6% that of January-September 2011, where global flagship brand volume grew by 5.1% to 202.5 billion.

Japan Tobacco committed the largest ever foreign takeover in Japanese history through purchase of Gallaher Group plc in April 2007. The company sells its flagship brands – Camel, Salem, and Winston – outside the USA.

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