Keep Smoking Away From Non-smokers

Second-hand smoking is as harmful as smoking a cigarette. That’s why approximately all countries banned smoking in public places. And even California appealed to open smoke-free environment, indoor and outdoors. So, Santa Barbara County officials decided not to wait.

second-hand smoking and our children

The first step toward a new ban on smoking in parks and at beaches in California was started in this week, it only wait the final approval.

Officials decided to introduce such kind of legislation because they found that there is no safe level of exposure to second-hand cigarettes smoke, whose toxic ingredients were found even in their smoke.
But why cigarettes smoking should be prohibited in parks and beaches? The answer is of course because parks and beaches are the most populated areas by children. Taking in consideration the cruel reality of how harmful can be cigarettes smoke, then smoking should be banned in these places without any doubt.

Another main problem is cigarettes butts which can be found everywhere, especially on beaches. Annually cigarette butts constitute the greatest volume of litter that is picked up from the 1,100-plus miles of California coastline.

As it is known cigarette filters are not biodegradable and they can kill marine life, and in general can pollute the environment.

A lot of smokers can’t accept any anti-smoking legislation, and they will not accept smoking ban at parks and beaches too. They again will consider that this law only will cut their personal freedom and a new war against government will start.

In the United States, that victim list runs approximately to 500,000 yearly, with millions more submitted sick and disqualified by smoking-related diseases.

In that unfavorable situation, and considering those in reality, a ban on smoking in public places, including parks and beaches, seems to be a good rule.

The new legislation intends not to deny Californians rights, but it hopes to protect the rights and the health of that other 80 percent of states inhabitants which are non-smokers and who visit the parks and beaches.
Researchers concluded that the truth is that smoking is a known killer, and whomever it doesn’t kill, it in the end drags the people’s lives to a inactivity and diseases. So, the sooner local governments will approve smoking bans in public places, the better will be.

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