Laurel Hill urges stores to stop selling flavored tobacco

The City Council has unanimously approved a legislation that obliges local stores to stop marketing flavored tobacco following a presentation by two students.

Flavored Tobacco

Flavored Tobacco Display

Students Working Against Tobacco members Shania Weekley, 15, and Gage Bailey, 16, provided a PowerPoint presentation saying about the products that especially catch the attention of younger customers. Young adults think bidis — Indian hand-rolled cigarettes — and hookahs taste better and seem safer than cigarettes, as outlined by U.S. Food and Drug Administration studies.

The FDA as well reports that some cigarette makers’ internal memos suggest advertising efforts for teens-targeted cigarettes.

A clerk at Laurel Hill’s Tom Thumb said that the store markets around 40 types of flavored tobacco.

A well-known chewing tobacco brand can present several flavors, Bailey added.

He added that there are out there peach, apple and even chocolate flavors.

Flavored tobacco serves as a first product that can result in nicotine addiction, in accordance with the FDA’s statement published on its official website.

Almost all of Florida has a city with a rule prohibiting the vending of flavored tobacco products, Weekley said.

The city of Crestview authorized a similar resolution in 2011.

Adhering to the students’ presentation, the Laurel Hill City Council implemented a legislation that obliges local sellers not to sell flavored tobacco products.

Students Working Against Tobacco is a statewide youth organization that is against tobacco consumption and focuses its message on teenagers, in accordance with the Florida Department of Health’s website.

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