New School Subjects, Lessons about Tobacco

Health researchers declared that children should know the impact of smoking cigarettes. That’s why they proposed to introduce lessons about tobacco in a range of school subjects.

Health advisers intervened before young people begin smoking. Even the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) desires to stop children from starting to smoke.

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It wants information about tobacco to be taught more broadly and to include the legal, economic and social issues.

But Simon Clark of the smokers’ lobby group, Forest, explained that no-one likes to be nagged, least of all teenagers.

The instruction from Nice is planned to stimulate intervention before young people start to experiment with smoking.

Nice found that by the age of 15, more than one in six young people are already regular smokers.

This new anti-smoking instruction calls for a concorded rank of accesses- with recommendation on stopping smoking being given a higher section in the curriculum.

Information about tobacco should be introduced into subjects such as biology, chemistry, citizenship and media studies, proposed health researchers.

Even the anti-smoking attempts in schools and colleges should be led by both adults and young people.

“The earlier children become regular smokers, the greater their risk of developing diseases such as lung cancer and heart disease, if they continue smoking into adulthood,” said Mike Kelly, director of the Nice Centre for Public Health Excellence.

He added that it is very important that children to be well informed about the risks of smoking, but if tobacco is featured across a range of subjects there is a real danger of warning exhaustion.

He hope, that in case tobacco will be included in subjects such as citizenship and media studies, teachers will discuss also issues such as freedom of choice, personal obligations and the role of government in modifying people’s behavior.

However the number of people smoking has fallen by a quarter in the past decade to 21% and the intended goal is for this to be 10% by 2020.

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