Macau: Smoking Ban in Place from January

Chinese Smoker

Starting from January 1, 2015, in Macau acts a smoking ban which prohibits use of tobacco in dancehalls saunas, bars and massage parlours. The law passed three-year transitional period and now is in effect.

According to the Tobacco Control Office, in case an establishment will be caught violating the law for several times, it will be included in a watch list to be monitored by the office. The establishment will be considered a “black spot” in case many cases of smoking are found there. Thus there will be increased patrols to these venues.

Tang Chi Ho, chief of Tobacco Control Office, told that if they encounter any violations of the law they will not be tolerated and there will be given penalty tickets just like it was before. For several penalty tickets the establishment will become black spot and to that place there will be sent frequent inspections. Authorities believe that the measure will help to make the country healthier.

The Tobacco Control Office patrolled a number of establishments near Dynasty Plaza and recalled the staff to place no-smoking labels on walls. As a result, smokers went out to light up. Totally for the office work 50 tobacco control inspectors and another 40 are under training. New inspectors will start working in 2016.

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