Madhushalini: ‘I smoke 20 cigars a day’

Actress Madhushalini is hoping her RGV-directed Departed is completed soon, so that she can stop smoking.

The non-smoking Madhushalini plays a female gangster in the film and is required to smoke cigars. She complains, “I hate the smell.

Smoking Madhushalini

Madhushalini smoking a cigarette

I am waiting for the film to be completed, so that I can stop. I had a tough time learning how to smoke on the sets. While shooting for my scenes, I have to smoke no less than 20 cigars every day!”

When asked about her rumoured link-up with RGV, she denies it. “There is nothing to clarify. We are just professionals working together. We have shot at some hard-core Mumbai locations. I have seen a different side of Mumbai, one that I have never seen before.”

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