Malaysia: Teachers-Parents Collabotation Will Fight Smoking

Smoking Old Man

In order to influence young people to not pick up smoking habit, it is necessary to create an environment where school authorities could collaborate with student’s parents.

Dr Ismail Ali, head of  Health Department in  Labuan, Malaysia, told that the authorities made a serious effort to promote the information campaigns on the effects of smoking but the attempt seems to be failed, regretably. This is a serious problem to worry about.

In a recent interview he told that the rate of tobacco use among youth is high and data shows that the number of smokers in this category of population is increasing. He proposes to create a collaboration between teachers and parents associations in order to deal with the problem.

According to Ali, the problem is that young people are influenced mostly by their fathers in picking up the smoking habit. When kids and teens see their parents smoking, they consider it is a normal thing. Behavior of parents has a great impact on behaviors of their growing kids and teens. Another factor which makes young people start smoking is peer pressure at school.

Ali proposes to establish a set of policies and rules to explain young people what are good habits and promote them.

There is a need to launch anti-smoking campaigns and spread via mass media the information about negative effects of smoking.

According to Ali, only together education and enforcement may fight smoking among young people.

Sitiphanus Alwi,  secondary school teacher, considers that an important role plays  school where the kid is studying. In a school with a good reputation there is low chances that kid will start smoking, because in this school there are established high moral values.

Data by Resource Centre of the Southeast Asia Tobacco Control Alliance, reveals that more than 50% of males in Malaysia are smokers and this persentage is permanently increasing.

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