Many Chechs Tolerate Tobacco Use

Smoking and Alcohol

Scientists were surprised to know that one-third of respondents consider that regular use of tobacco is acceptable.

Good news is that the majority of respondents told they do not accept and tolerate the use of pervitine (methamphetamine or crystal), heroin, ecstasy.

Figures show that 87% of Czechs find acceptable occasional use of alcohol, 74% tolerate regular use of tobacco and 85% tolerate use of painkillers.

Totally 32% of Chech people told they find it acceptable regular consumption of tobacco.

When it comes to use of cannabis drugs such as marijuana and hashish, Chechs have different opinions. One half of them considers it morally acceptable to try those drugs and one-fourth of respondents tolerates their occasional consumption.

47% do not accept the idea of regular consumption of cannabis drugs.  Nearly 85% of Chech people are against use of heroin, cstasy, pervitine.

The majority of those who accept use of narcotics are young people, males and people living in Prague.

Most Czechs consider that tobacco, alcohol and painkillers are dangerous only in case of regular use. One-third believes that simple trying of cannabis drugs presents a health risk.  70% said similar thing about hard drugs.

The survey was made between May 11 and May 18 and there was surveyed 1,043 Czechs.

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