Scientists Сreated Medicament from Nicotine Addiction

New development of Finnish scientists will solve the problem of all smokers. The tool is designed to help reduce the number of smoked cigarettes and hankering for nicotine. The effect occurs due to slowdown of metabolism of nicotine tar. The lungs are considered principal conductor of nicotine in the body. CYP2A6 enzyme begins its work in the human liver, and comes quickly to the basic functions of the brain. Hannu Raunio, professor of pharmacology at the University of Eastern Finland, who led the study, said that nicotine is absorbed quickly by mouth and lungs, from which it goes quickly through the body to the brain.

smoking cessation

smoking cessation

Scientists have proven that the drug action is able to remove hankering for smoking. Not all inhibitors are useful for the treatment of tobacco addiction; many of them have unpleasant consequences. Scientists are close to creation of special molecules that are able to operate in separate parts of the human body. Computer modeling methods will help create the molecules and do not disturb the whole body work. Research project will be developed within four years. The first results showed the possibility to identify the structure of the enzyme. It was revealed several new, previously unknown, molecules. The scientists found a way to connect molecules with the CYP2A6 enzyme. Clear information enables to create a CYP2A6 inhibitor, which will work directly, in regard to one point of the enzyme.

Nicotine is rapidly absorbed through the mucous oral cavity. However, the feck penetrates into the body through the lungs. From there it quickly comes to the brain and liver. Nicotine begins to be processed by CYP2A6 enzyme just in the liver. Preliminary investigations, conducted by the Canadian partners of the research project, showed that inhibitors of the CYP2A6 enzyme are able to remove hankering for smoking. Unfortunately, available inhibitors are not used in the anti-smoking therapies, as have many unpleasant side effects.

“Now we are working on creation of a CYP2A6 inhibitor, which could work as a means of directed action. That is, we need to make it operate only in certain parts of the body. Fortunately, we possess clear information about the structure of the enzyme, so we can apply the computer modeling methods in order to create molecules that bind to the enzyme places and do not disrupting the whole body work, “- says Hannu Raunio, principal investigator of the project and a professor of pharmacology at the University of Eastern Finland.

At the moment, four-stage research project has been already completed. The experts reckon up first results: in addition to the enzyme structure identification, the experts have identified several molecules with previously unknown structure. Also, they managed to figure out how exactly the molecules bind to the active center of CYP2A6 enzyme.

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