More Women in Korea Smoke Cigarettes

Smoking Korean Woman

Newest study in South Korea showed that nearly 10% of young women aged 20 are smokers and this is largest percentage of female smokers among OECD nations.

Generally, Korea has lowest smoking rates in the world, but the researchers consider that the situation may change in future as they expect an increase in smoking rates in the next years. This would occur in conditions when teenagers and young women aged 20 would continue to use cigarettes as they grow older.

2014 data shows that among girls aged 15 and older only 4.3% smoked, which was much lower than the average smoking prevalence rate for females in the Organisation for Economic and Development countries ( where that rate is 15.7%). Smoking rates among women in France was 20.2% while in Japan only 8.2%.

When the talk is about smoking among Korean teenage girls, here the talk is about 5.7% that proves to be higher rate than among all age groups except females in their 20s and 30s.

So why more women start smoking these days? Well, researches show that smoking rates increase among females is connected to more stress at work and in everyday life.

2010 report by the WHO found that in developed countries where females have higher empowerment, smoking rates among this category were higher.

Global Youth Tobacco Survey demonstrated that smoking rates among teenage girls and boys worldwide are almost the same, while smoking rates among adult men and women are different. It is because societies tolerate females who use cigarettes. Also increase in women smoking rates occured due to appearing of more slim cigarettes for women such as Glamour, Vogue, Kiss.

Totally in Korea there are 10 million smokers of both genders. 2014 data showed that in Korea there were 43.7% male smokers and this was highest percentage among OECD nations. The majority of male smokers are aged 30 — 40.

In order to reduce smoking rates, Korean government adopted a law increasing by 80% cigarette prices which comes into effect on January 1, 2016.

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